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Commissioner is All Hat and No Cattle

The sheriff has, once again, stepped up to protect the people

Commissioner is All Hat and No Cattle

Commissioner is All Hat and No Cattle

by Shari Dovale

There is much happening with the Bonner County Board of Commissioners.

Chairman Steve Bradshaw continues to allow arbitrary decisions to rule the meetings. The public continues to be silenced. And now we see that a good bit of his decision making is controlled by his personal animosity towards the sheriff.

The major topic these days is the campground expansion and RV park for the fair grounds. Two commissioners, Chairman Bradshaw and his subordinate Luke Omodt, insist that they want to expand the fair grounds into the sheriff’s complex.

  • The fair board does not want this.
  • The sheriff does not want this.
  • The people do not want this.

The people always knew that the previous Chairman had an unreasonable dislike for the sheriff. Now the people can see that this animosity has been passed to the new Chairman, and it is just as irrational.

Chairman Steven Bradshaw let his emotions get the better of him and allowed this personal hostility to get in the way of county business. He pointed fingers and yelled at the public that the Sheriff was not an honorable man and less than truthful.

Bradshaw’s ranting may have crossed the line into slander, but it certainly crossed a line.

All of this because the sheriff has stood up on behalf of the people and said he will not allow the commissioners to give away this land without resistance.

“The 20 acre sheriff’s complex property was purchased in 1990 to be used for justice services,” Sheriff Wheeler told Redoubt News. “As your Sheriff, I have a responsibility to the past, the present and the future taxpayers of Bonner county, to see that it will always be available for the intended purpose, regardless of the whims of others.”

The 2 commissioners continually cause disruption to the weekly business meetings, insisting they do not need a third commissioner to get their agenda passed.

This is true, they routinely execute bad business practices regardless of the consequences to the county.

They routinely shut out a duly elected third commissioner to keep her from representing the public’s requests.

They routinely shut out the people from participating.

These 2 commissioners have also violated open meeting laws solely for the purpose of ramming through their agenda. Numerous complaints have been heard and these commissioners seem to almost laugh at the people. Bradshaw calls it personal attacks over which he is willing to clear the room.

This spectacle has gone on long enough. The sheriff has, once again, stepped up to protect the people. He has filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office concerning the Open Meeting Law (OML) violations.

We thank Sheriff Wheeler for putting himself in the forefront of this fight on behalf of the citizens. Hopefully this will be enough to rein in these rogue commissioners.

If this does not constrain them, the people are willing to take it to another level.


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5 Comments on Commissioner is All Hat and No Cattle

  1. Thank God for our beloved Constitutional Sheriff!
    Pray God to clear the darkness from Mr. Bradshaw.

  2. Is there enough political will to launch a recall against Bradshaw/Omodt? The attempt will be enough bad press to at least make them more pliable.

  3. “ But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” ~ The Declaration of Independence

  4. I find this behavior beyond disappointing for a “man of God”. It is all about Steve Bradshaw, and his ego has grown larger since his campaign for governor. I asked before where are the men? Certainly not on the BOCC, but thank God we have a man in the sheriff. Keep on top of the shenanigans and Fire Bradshaw and Omodt.

    • Yes, I’ve gone to that theme-church just to see what it was all about…I saw it as a mockery of the Body of Christ! I would be vary surprised if “Yosemite Sam” has a divinity degree, and I don’t mean internet, or mail order!

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