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Commissioner Bradshaw versus the 1st Amendment

This childish behavior by Chairman ‘Karen’ has not stopped

Commissioner Bradshaw versus the 1st Amendment

Commissioner Bradshaw versus the 1st Amendment

by Shari Dovale

For several weeks now, the citizens have listened to Commissioner Steve Bradshaw demand that the Bonner County Sheriff trespass people from speaking at his meetings.

Sheriff Daryl Wheeler is generally in attendance at the regular business meetings. He puts forth his comments when he deems it pertinent, and listens attentively when the citizens stand up to speak as well.

Commissioner Bradshaw does not like dissent during these meetings and has demanded the Sheriff to remove and trespass individuals when it suits him.

A couple of weeks ago was a perfect example. Dan Rose, another elected official in the county, challenged the board chairman on his right to speak. Chairman Bradshaw demanded that the sheriff remove Rose as he (Bradshaw) was the sole determination of who was allowed to speak.

Sheriff Wheeler refused to trespass Mr. Rose as it was Rose’s 1st amendment right to talk at the regular business meetings.

Last week’s business meeting had Chairman Bradshaw retaliate against the Sheriff by calling him dishonest and dishonorable on the record.

This childish behavior by Chairman ‘Karen’ has not stopped, even though the prosecutor, Louis Marshall, has detailed an official response to Bradshaw.

Bradshaw made an official request as to how to trespass or remove citizens from his meetings. Prosecutor Marshall made it clear that the Constitution trumps Bradshaw’s hurt feelings. Furthermore, if Bradshaw doesn’t get over it, he could be held liable for breaching a citizens first amendment public participation right.

Of course, Bradshaw must not have been too pleased with that response as he, again, berated the sheriff to trespass another citizen from his meeting today. 

Read the Official Memorandum by Prosecutor Louis Marshall:


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1 Comment on Commissioner Bradshaw versus the 1st Amendment

  1. For a pastor, lying seems to come easy to him. Even during some of his sermons. Does he think people have no memories? Last week he called those who want to hold him accountable “reprobates”. It is very disappointing and he needs to be shown the door.

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