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The Delusional Opinion from Crazy Kate’s Minion

It makes me wonder how close the AG was standing to you because you are definitely her marionette


The Delusional Opinion from Crazy Kate’s Minion

By: Chris Brumbles

Today, February 15th, 2023, I got word of the delusional opinion written by Kate Brown’s Minion in the Appeals Court of Oregon. Judge Egan, who it seems has either never read the US or Oregon Constitutions, or takes them to be mere suggestions, decided to use his negative opinion of our Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (and of Natural Born Rights themselves), to continue the divisive attacks and identity politics of the left, to further the Marxist agenda of the majority Machiavellians in Salem while at the same time endangering his bosses,… the people.

This Judge took this opportunity to bloviate when writing his opinion and infer that we are White Supremacists, Anti-Semitic, racists, among other slanders, for protecting our Rights and defending the Constitution, while conveying that he is a big government Marxist that believes that we elect kings, and we should just like it. Way to go Jimbo, you are the epitome of professionalism.


It makes me wonder how close the AG was standing to you because you are definitely her marionette (i.e, any of several types of puppet figures manipulated from above by strings or threads attached to a control). Did her hand cramp when you were talking? I can’t possibly write about this whole opinion but will touch on some examples of your misguided manipulation of sanity and will attach your declaration of war on the people so that they can read it themselves.

It is important to remember that the people are not subservient to government, that we have Natural Born Rights that are antecedent to government by THOUSANDS of years and that “WE THE PEOPLE” only invented government to PROTECT those Rights, not to nanny or lord over us. You must also remember that you are supposed to be an elected employee (even though most of you are appointed by traitors), and that you serve at our leisure and we can delete your job any time we want, so I don’t believe that attacking your bosses is an overly bright career move.

Your understanding of the Supremacy Clause is to say the least tainted and I will assume that since you believe that laws written by the Federal government are as if written by God himself, that your study of the Constitution and the Federalist papers are confined to a left-wing think tank. The Supremacist Clause is located in Article 6 Clause 2 of the US Constitution in case you need help finding it, and it does not say that the Federal government is the Supreme Law of the Land, but that the Constitution is. How can the creature of the compact be Supreme? Does the potter answer to the pot? No law can violate the Constitution, or it is void ab initio, null and void just as backed up by Supreme Court precedent in Norton v Shelby, Miranda v Arizona, Marbury v Madison, and others. Here’s an example in Marbury v Madison; “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” And another from Miranda; “Where rights are secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.” So you see you Self- Important misfit, no law can violate the true Supreme Law and that includes the states or the feds.

In case you aren’t convinced that the Feds are not supreme, maybe you should check out the opinions in cases that form the Anti-Commandeering Doctrine which are 5 cases from 1842- 2018 that show time and again that the Federal govt. can not compel states to do their bidding. In NY v Us the court admitted that that state legislators are not held subject to federal direction. Referenced in Prinze Mack v US was the decision in EPA v Brown where it was established that the states are not a puppet to a ventriloquist congress, and in Prinze Mack itself, they admitted that the states were independent and autonomous political entities, and that the Feds cannot control the states. Scalia said: To say that the Federal Government cannot control the State, but can control all of its officers, is to say nothing of significance. Indeed, it merits the description “empty formalistic reasoning of the highest order. “So, you see, the Feds cannot even circumvent the prohibition of the feds inability to force states to do their bidding by conscripting the State’s officers directly.

You also say that our SASO violated preemption which is absurd. To violate the preemption statute, we would have had to write or suspend a gun law and make it superior to the states gun laws. We did neither. Our law forbids our county to partake in the enforcement of the enslavement of us with our own money, buildings, personnel, etc. The illegal state and federal gun laws were still illegal laws, but they would have had to enforce them themselves. Madison talks in Federalist #46 and Madison and Jefferson also mentioned in the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions respectively, that nullification (even though this wasn’t pure nullification) is one of the more peaceful remedies for an illegal and unconstitutional law, and I will remind you that ALL gun laws are illegal and unconstitutional. Bruen is making that very clear as gun laws fall daily around the country. Personally, I believe that within 10 years, gun control will be extinct because of the sanity of the Bruen decision.


When a Judge talks about the Constitution with authority and from a pedestal of superiority, and then shows his ignorance to it, It makes me just want to tell him to quit using big words that he doesn’t understand. The Constitution was written for the layman and voter, you don’t have to be a lawyer to comprehend it like these tyrants believe. Judges are humans, and humans submit to human nature which means they are not Angels and aren’t immune to the longing for power and since they aren’t even required to read the Constitution in law school, they certainly are not the arbiter of it.

As far as this judge inferring that SCOTUS is the Arbiter of the Constitution, he is wrong about that too. The powers of the Federal government is few and defined, and no where in the Constitution did we give them the power to decide what is constitutional. Our founders were clear that the Constitution is the Arbiter of what is constitutional, and that since every elected employee from the dog catcher to the president takes an Oath to that jewel, everyone should decide what is constitutional, so when he said that a Sheriff didn’t have authority to decide what is Constitutional, he must have bumped his head. The Sheriff IS the highest elected peace officer in our counties, and he is directly answerable to the people of his county. Examples:

Thomas Jefferson/letter to Judge Spencer Roane, 1819.

“…each department is truly independent of the others, and has equal right to decide for itself the meaning of the constitution in the cases submitted to action; and especially, where it is to act ultimately and without appeal.”

James Madison/ 1834 letter.

“As the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Departments of the U.S. are coordinate, and each equally bound to support the Constitution, it follows that each must in the exercise of its functions, be guided by the text of the Constitution according to its own interpretation of it…”

President Andrew Johnson/ in his national bank veto.

“ The Congress, the Executive, and the Court must each for itself be guided by its own opinion of the Constitution. Each public officer who takes an oath to support the Constitution swears that he will support it as he understands it, and not how it is understood by others.”


Judge Egan, in his opinion, continued mocking our Lawyer because he considered something he said as meaning that we needed to protect ourselves in case of UN occupation. I wasn’t there, and don’t know what was said, but considering the current Marxists running our state and country, is it out of the question that they would illegally invite UN troops to join their domestic terrorist stazi police force? I mean, they don’t exactly care about our Constitution and there is an ongoing and illegal attack on our Rights to keep and Bear arms. HB 2572 wants to outlaw free speech and criminalize Patriots from redressing grievances while EXEMPTING their storm troopers, Antifa, and FOREIGN TROOPS. This moron can laugh, joke, and insinuate that we are conspiracy nuts, but the fact is, we have seen hundreds of millions killed in the 20th century by their own government in peacetime. The first law of nature is the Right to life and to protect it by any means necessary, our guns Rights are off limits and continue to be attacked by those who swore an Oath to protect them. We will not trust any of these criminals.

As if the attack on us wasn’t enough, this nincompoop made sure to get his jolly’s venting his hatred at CSPOA. I count Sheriff Mack as a friend, but neither him or his group had anything to do with this law. CSPOA is a group of Sheriffs and Peace Officers who are doing their part to save the Republic by upholding their Oath and educating useful idiots. Because they are Constitutional and take their solemn Oath seriously, it is not surprising that this would-be-tyrant would have bitter disgust toward them. This clown is one of the reasons why CSPOA had to be formed.

I will encourage you all to read the so called courts opinion on our SASO case that they just shot down. In you need more information about our law, I have written previous Op-Eds about it here on Redoubt News. When you read the opinion, you will see some of what we are dealing with here in Oregon and what they are dealing with in WA, because their elected employees believe that they are royalty too.

The same AG that thought our SASO was unconstitutional is spending taxpayer money fighting to keep the most unconstitutional, racist, dangerous law ever passed in this country from being abolished; I’m talking about Oregon’s measure 114 that barely passed. Please go to and sign up for our free alerts so that you can keep informed on 114 and the 25 gun laws the Marxist majority are pushing in the legislature as we speak.

The fight to defend Oregon is very expensive and will probably go on for 5 years, so if you can afford to donate to our cause, please don’t be shy. Matt Shea said something on my radio show a couple of years ago that really resonated with me and raised the hairs in the back of my neck. He said:

“the time to resist gun confiscation is not when they come for your guns, it’s when they come for your neighbors”.

Well folks, they are coming for your neighbors guns, and they won’t stop with ours. Remember that when it is time to bury them, it is time to dig them up. God Bless.



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