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Oregon Jumps Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

Oregon has jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire in this past election


Oregon Jumps Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

By: Chris Brumbles

Oregon just went from having the most hated and tyrannical Governor in the Country in Crazy Kate Brown, to having a replacement that leaves us with a feeling that Katheryn will probably be missed. For those who think that Crazy Kate was a Post Modern, Neo Marxist, Commy who only cared about the plundering of her bosses while growing wealthy and acting as though we elected her queen, I believe that we are in for a whole lot of you aint seen nothing yet with Tina Kotek.

Crazy Kate had no regard for her Oath of Office, the Oregon Constitution, or the US Constitution and somehow happened to leave office with over $200 Million dollars in personal assets; supposedly made from the salary of an elected employee. Still, I am perplexed because if my math is correct, it would have taken her well over 1400 years to save that much money on a governor’s salary if she didn’t have living expenses or have to pay taxes.

This makes me wonder if a governor absent any morals or virtue would be compensated by Big Pharma for things like illegally shutting down the state for over 2 years and trying to force vaccines into free citizens, or by environmentalists for shoving green plans and cap-n-trade down everyone’s throat, or maybe the anti-gunners would show their appreciation for the constant attack on law abiding citizens. We may never know because we don’t have real media in Oregon, but I’m pretty sure that if you made $200 Million dollars during a political career, it’s more than likely that you probably broke a few laws and committed some pretty unscrupulous acts to do it.

So Crazy Kate has now been replaced by the former House Bully and Majority leader Tina Kotek, who I will refer to as Kotex, she will make Oregonians crave for menopause to set in. Kotex is a full-blown Marxist who bragged during her campaign that being gay was one of her accomplishments. The sad thing is I believe that being gay is probably her greatest accomplishments.

The word is that Kotex will be pushing toll roads across the state at $8 dollars a pop to force us out of our cars for roads the people have long paid off and that we continue to maintain with one of the largest gas taxes in the nation. Kotex wants to raise our income taxes from 9.9% to 13% or more which would bring us from number 4 highest taxed state in the nation to number 2. Tina and her minions are wanting to push a huge raise in property taxes which we also pay at a rate that is one of the highest in the country. She will rub salt in fresh wounds by backing an “assault weapons” ban even as we fight the most racist, unconstitutional, dangerous, attack on Natural Born Rights in the country that is Measure 114.

Oregon battled hard against the delusional left-wing religion and redistribution scheme of Anthropogenic Climate Change in 2019 when we fought against Cap-N-Trade, but being true to their form, Demonrats and their mentally ill leader will continue ignoring and not caring about the people who allow them to exist; they are doubling down, and Cap-N-Trade is back on the agenda. Unfortunately, as long as the Demons keep running the state and Portlandia keeps electing that same old Marxist Morons, Oregon will continue the race to the bottom which unfortunately we are winning.

One of the many illegal, dangerous, and Un-American bills that the legislature is working on is HB 2572 which is another direct attack on free speech, Gun Owners, and Patriots. This Bill could make you a felon for showing up at a rally just to redress grievances if you don’t fit the ideology of the left. If you are an Oath Keeper, 3 percenter, or a Proud Boy, the gestapo will just accuse you of paramilitary activity and you can get a $250,000.00 fine and 10 years in prison if the Marxist majority pass this bill. Hitler would be proud. Don’ worry though, the Demon’s storm troopers (Antifa), have been exempted from this bill because after all, they are “mostly peaceful protesters”, and are not a real group, just a movement (more like a bowel movement).

There is no doubt that Oregon has jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire in this past election. There are no depths in which the Marxist Party won’t sink to, and no limits to their plunder. These Machiavellian tyrants want to force their ideology down everyone’s throat no matter the cost and regardless of the destruction they leave in their wake. I don’t know what is more dangerous, the Satanists that are doing the damage, or the morons who keep electing them.

It is way past time to get our elections under control, end the cheat, and get back to the polls; there is a reason why Europe stopped mail in voting clear back in the 70’s. We need to remember that WE THE PEOPLE are the boss and remind the elected employees who they work for every time we get a chance. We need to quit asking them to stop the plunder of our Rights, and Demand that they do their job and protect them. We need to take back our country now and end this insanity before we have no choice but to take it back with arms. Mostly we need to invoke God back into our country and pray for his help.

Let there be no doubt that the enemies of America want to take everything you have and everything your children every will have, and they will never stop unless we stop them. Many of these traitors are in Salem Oregon, and they are coming to a town near you. Be vigilante, and never bow.


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