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Fighting The Good Fight, And Losing The War

Changing direction is a two phase process, phase one is realizing you are on the wrong path


Fighting The Good Fight, And Losing The War

By Pete Ketcham


There are many dedicated Republican politicians such as Ron Desantis, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Donald trump, Jim Jordan, Rand Paul, Nkki Haley, Ted Cruise and others that are fighting the good fight, and they should be credited with doing the best job possible under the circumstances.

The dedicated efforts of these individuals and others have allowed them to win some battles, but overall the Republicans are losing the war. This situation has been occurring for many years, but in the last few decades it has accelerated, resulting in the Democrats gaining more and more positions of power and control of the culture

What is particularly discouraging about this situation is that there is no acknowledgment by the Republican party that they are losing the war, and thus they feel there is no need to change direction in their political strategy. But the reality is, they cannot continue on the same path they are presently on if they are to win the war for the heart and sole of this nation.

The process of changing direction is a two phase process, phase one is realizing you are on the wrong path, phase two is deciding where the right path is. At this time the Republican party and the general conservative community have not reached the point of phase one.


One suggestive path to consider is the joining of the conservative organizations and individuals into one united nationwide conservative coalition. A past example of this strategy is the thirteen colonies uniting into the continental army, and a recent successful example is the Black Lives Matter coalition (although their leadership is corrupt) which is now representing the entire black population of the US.

And lastly, one wonders what it will take to inspire the Republicans to adopt an aggressive offensive agenda and a new path that will enable them to start winning. It is simply not enough to fight the good fight of individual battles, the total war must be won to save this constitutional nation from the impending destruction by the liberal godless community and the Democrat party.


2 Comments on Fighting The Good Fight, And Losing The War

  1. Thank you, Pete Ketcham. Your article is Short but helpful. I added a third point to your two points and I may use your ideas in a sermon sometime soon! Unless I missed something, your two points are “to change direction we have to 1) realize that we are on the wrong path and 2) figure out, and decide where the correct or right path is.” May I suggest at least one more point? Thank you! I will! 3) START MOVING in the right direction (path). Your idea of a grand conservative coalition is right on. Please present us with a “framework” for the needed change. May the Lord richly bless and protect you!

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