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Elon Cautions Against “World Government”

He explained why a one-world government would lead to collapse of civilization as a whole

Elon Cautions Against “World Government”

By Mike Huckabee

There’s one more reason to be appreciative of Elon Musk: the message he had for the 10,000 attendees of the 2023 World Government Summit that was just held in Dubai. Did you know there WAS a “World Government Summit”? Don’t like the sound of that, especially after seeing that the keynote address was given by none other than the scary power-mad Bond villain Klaus Schwab.

World Government Summit 2023

The participants at the World Government Summit are described as “government officials, thought leaders, global experts, and decision makers,” and that sounds like just the audience that needs to hear someone like Musk speak out AGAINST world government. Perhaps it made him the fly in the punch bowl with this crowd, but that’s just what he did.

He explained why a one-world government would lead to collapse of civilization as a whole.

“All throughout history, civilizations have risen and fallen,” he said, “but it hasn’t meant the doom of humanity as a whole because there have been all these separate civilizations that have been separated by great distances… “So I think we have to be a little bit cautious about being too much of a single civilization, because if we are…then, the whole thing may collapse…We want to have some amount of civilizational diversity such that if something does go wrong with some part of civilization, the whole thing doesn’t collapse and humanity keeps moving forward.”

Watch him here.

Elon Musk Warns ‘World Government Summit’ That A Global Government Could Lead to Civilizational Collapse

The full interview with Musk runs a little over 30 minutes and I hope you’ll make the time. They discuss why he bought Twitter, with Elon saying he was “a little worried” about “the direction and the effect of social media on the world.” He thought it needed to be a sort of “digital public square” that could operate with “the least amount of censorship.” He didn’t think it was right to “put a thumb on the scale beyond the laws of the countries.” He didn’t think it was right to impose the values of, “essentially, San Francisco and Berkeley.”

In a moment of understatement, he said that Twitter had been doing “a little too much” to impose those values on the rest of the world. He wanted to “correct that thumb on the scale, if you will.” They address other issues as well, even the question of space aliens.

RELATED: Matt Taibbi, who has been working with Musk to process and release the “Twitter Files,” participated in a debate in Toronto with partner Douglas Murray, and they SLAYED their opponents with their argument that the mainstream media (American and Canadian) should not be trusted. In fact, they won by the largest margin ever at these debates. Much of their argument involved the Canadian trucker protest and the failure of the media to counter the prevailing false narrative that it was organized by bigots.

As persuasive as these two are, they might want to take their show on the road. Congratulations to them!

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