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CALL TO ACTION: Help Redoubt News

The truth is dying in darkness

CALL TO ACTION: Help Redoubt News

Congress can talk all they want about trying to rein in Big Tech, but we here at Redoubt News can tell you that Big Tech is still winning.

We have shown repeatedly over the years that Google is threatened by Redoubt News. They have continued to Shadow-Ban us, with the obvious intention of not allowing anyone to see the truth that we share.

This practice has increased, with no relief in sight.

Google, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the Masters-of-the-Universe continue to block people from seeing our page and articles. The truth is dying in darkness.

We need everyone’s help! Please share our articles and page so the truth will not disappear.

For everyone that would like a true view of news and editorials, try setting your search on a platform other than google, or anything driven by google. You should look for a search engine that is not “Powered” or “Enhanced” by Google. Additionally, do not use a search engine that censors your results,

Here is our report on this hateful practice from 2019: Whistleblower Proves Redoubt News Targeted by Google

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  1. I’m a bit of a tech dinosaur, but I believe that my move to Brave and duck duck go have been a move in the right direction. I thank you, RN, for promoting truth and transparency in our area!

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