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The Ukraine War

We are existing in a “twilight zone” of a proxy war with Russia


The Ukraine War

(Where Is It Taking Us?)

By Pete Ketcham

It is an acknowledged fact by both sides of the Ukraine conflict, that the US is currently in a proxy war with Russia. Ukraine does the fighting we supply the military armament & supplies. Even though Putin started this unprovoked invasion of Ukraine due to his warped sense of “Mother Russia’s” rightful territory and fear of NATO encroachment, the US is now involved.

History has shown that major wars have been unintentionally started by incremental hostile actions between countries. The US under the leadership of the Biden administration is now residing in a “twilight zone” of incremental hostile actions between itself and Russia..

Retired US military individuals and political pundits have given conflicting opinions of when and how this Ukraine conflict could end, but at this time no one really knows what the future holds in this changing conflict.

In speculation of what may happen, there are some factors one can consider to form an outlook on this issue, they are as follows:


Vladimir Putin presently has a firm grip on Russia similar to Stalin’s grip during WW2, and seems determined to win this Ukraine war regardless what it takes or how long it takes. It would seem that if he loses this war, he may lose his leadership position in Russia.

There is the possibility, that if Putin begins to lose the conventional war he may resort to the use of tactical nuclear weapons. This procedure could lead to the use of strategic nuclear weapons between nuclear capable nations (including the US), which could bring on catastrophic destruction of the nations involved.

There is also a remote possibility that he could somehow withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine through a “honorable” truce and still retain his position of power, but at the present he is convinced he can retain control of certain parts of Eastern Ukraine indefinitely, and any truce would have to grant that territory to Russia.


Volodymyr Zelenskyy the president of Ukraine seems absolutely determined to fight Russia to a standstill as long as the US and NATO nations continue to supply his army with the necessary armament and supplies. He has stated he will not consider any truce with Russia unless they withdraw totally from Ukraine, which includes all of eastern Ukraine. But the remaining question is, how long can the Ukrainians withstand the daily death and destruction raining down on their country?

United States

As stated previously, we are existing in a “twilight zone” of a proxy war with Russia which has the possibility of escalating into a conventional or even nuclear war. At this time the Biden Administration is committed to continue to assist Ukraine in part because they believe it is “the right thing to do”, and also to demonstrate to our NATO allies an image of military strength and “loyalty”.

This commitment to assist Ukraine is pretty much shared by both political parties, but a situation could arise that this would no longer be the case. At this time no one knows where this proxy war with Russia could be taking us, but in the meantime (thanks to Biden) our nation is sitting in a precarious situation.