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The Invasion Continues & Grows

illegal immigration has a lingering effect that will be felt many years into the future

The Invasion Continues & Grows

The Invasion Continues & Grows

By Pete Ketcham

I had written an article in June of last year describing the ramifications and chaos concerning our southern border invasion, and ended it with the following paragraph  

“There could be many other ramifications listed, but all the chaos of the border invasion (if it continues) is eventually going to impact every town, city, and state, in the nation. It is just a matter of time till it impacts your town or city.”

Since that time period, the rate of illegal border crossings has significantly  increased, and crime at the border has overwhelmed local law enforcement and the Border Patrol. It is now no longer safe for American citizens to live in rural areas and towns on or close to the border because of robberies and assaults by the illegals.

At this time there remains no question that this southern border invasion is going to overwhelm this nation. Corrupt Joe Biden and the Democrats have invited the entire world to come to the US, where free housing, free food, free education, free medical care, and other free benefits will be provided. To receive these benefits, all you have to do is show up at the southern border.  


In addition to the increased impact of illegal immigration, the influence of the Cartels, criminals, and the influx of drugs is rapidly increasing. This is impacting the entire US population with drug induced homelessness, crime, and drug overdose deaths

Unlike other destructive issues that are presently impacting our nation, illegal immigration has a lingering effect that will be felt many years into the future.

And lastly, there is absolutely no agency, no policy, nor politician in sight at this time that can slow down this invasion, let alone stop it. The Biden administration has complete control of this intentional national disaster as per their agenda of importing an illegal voting block to keep them in power indefinitely.