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Taking Control Before The Crash

DOJ will not prosecute any Democrat politician, the politicized FBI will not conduct an honest investigation of any Democrat


Taking Control Before The Crash

By Pete Ketcham

It is totally inevitable, that if someone is driving down the left side of curving mountain road, there is going to be a fatal crash when they meet opposite traffic on the same side of the road, leaving no chance to move back to the right side of the road in time to avoid a crash.

It is also obvious that no one with any common sense or logic would even consider driving on the wrong side of a curving road, let alone actually doing it, yet the forgoing scenario illustrates the situation the godless illogical liberals and Democrat party have placed this nation in. We as a nation are heading for an inevitable wreck if the Democrats are allowed to continue to control the future of this nation.

There are many examples of insane illogical issue that the Democrats have enacted by law or policy decisions, but the three most dangerous, and have the capacity to destroy our nation are the Border Invasion, (which is destroying our national security), the Climate Change movement (which is destroying our energy and economic base), and the LGBT+ movement (which is destroying our Christian base of morality).

It is frustrating that regardless of what the Republicans and the conservative community have done over the years to regain control of the nation, they continue to loose ground.


The Republicans are now starting out the new year with a slim majority in the House, and with some Republicans believing they are going to defeat the Democrats by initiating multiple investigations of Democrat activity (that is if they don’t have a meltdown over election of a house speaker), but the final results will no doubt be fruitless because the Democrats still have the precedence, the Senate, and a volatile minority in the house who will vigorously oppose and obstruct these investigations at every turn.

Also, it has been thoroughly demonstrated that the DOJ will not prosecute any Democrat politician, the politicized FBI will not conduct an honest investigation of any Democrat, and the mainstream news propaganda arm will launch a massive campaign against the Republican investigations.

And thus after two more years of the corrupt Biden administration control, the Democrats will still be driving us down the wrong side of the road, that is if we haven’t already “crashed”.


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