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Idaho School District Shuts Down Conservative Dissenters

The next meeting is scheduled for February 13th

Idaho School District Shuts Down Conservative Dissenters

Idaho School District Shuts Down Conservative Dissenters

by Shari Dovale

Caldwell Idaho School District stopped their board meeting this week due to the public disagreeing with them.

The board members, led by Chairman Marisela Pesina, is all about promoting anything Leftists, including the LGBTQRST+++ agenda. This could be on behalf of her gay son, who also speaks up at her board meetings, Miguel Pesina.

*Idaho Press did an article which failed to mention that this was the son of the Chairman. Proposed Caldwell School District policy on gender, sexual orientation draws support and criticism

Miguel Pesina also spoke in favor of adopting the policy. Students need to feel safe, particularly if they come from a household where their identity is not accepted.

Pesina said he grew up with a mother who was welcoming, but he still did not come out until he was a junior. He said he wishes this policy existed when he was a student in the district. He now is the guardian for nieces who are students there.

“You bet your ass that I’m going to protect them at all times and speak up when nasty little troglodytes bring things up in situations like this,” Pesina said.

The meeting this week had conservative parents and lawmakers attempting to join the discussion and being shut out by Chairman Pesina and the board.

State Sen. Chris Trakel spoke in his official capacity concerning the challenges that would inevitably be brought through the courts if these policies were to be enacted. Trakel had spoken at previous meetings as a parent in the district.

During his comments is when Chairman Pesina called for his microphone to be shut off, and closed the meeting.

According to the Idaho Dispatch, these new policies were proposed at a November 28th “work session” of the school board:

Under Student Records and Privacy, this is the proposed policy in regard to teachers and staff addressing students:

“District staff shall use the name and pronouns consistently expressed by the student at school, regardless of the student’s legal name and sex. A student is not required to legally change their name, gender, or official school records as a prerequisite to the use of a name and the pronouns consistent with the student’s identity. Intentional and persistent refusal to use the name and gender by which the student identifies is a violation of this policy and may subject an employee to discipline.”

As far as confidentiality on this topic, the District proposes this approach (again, trimmed to show the most recent version):

“School employees should not disclose a student’s transgender status or sexual orientation to other individuals, regardless of setting, including the other school personnel unless they have a legitimate need to know, or unless the student or parent has authorized such disclosure. Action in violation of such student confidentiality may subject an employee to discipline.”

“When contacting the parent/guardian of a transgender student, school personnel should use the student’s legal name and the pronoun corresponding to the student’s gender assigned at birth unless determined by a previously developed plan.”

Photo courtesy of Idaho Dispatch

The Idaho Tribune estimated that over 900 people showed up to protest at this meeting.

The next meeting of the Caldwell School District Board of Trustees is scheduled for February 13th.


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