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Change Of Strategy And Tactics

The Democrats have been very successful in forming a godless liberal nationwide coalition


Change Of Strategy And Tactics

By Pete Ketcham


Much has been written and talked about by the conservative community concerning the individuals, the events, and the agendas that are destroying this constitutional republic, but what has not been written and talked about, is finding an effective course of action to prevent this impending destruction.

The Dilemma

The national dilemma the God-fearing conservatives presently face, is finding what strategies & tactics could be adopted to save our nation.

The obvious starting point in this process is recognizing the fact that the present strategy being used is not working. It is evident that the leadership within the Republican Party is continuing on with the same failing strategy as used in the past, apparently believing that if they can once again gain control of congress and the presidency the war is won, but they fail to realize the major battles to be won are not only in the political arena, but also in the social/moral arena.

Democrat Strategy, Tactics And Assets

The Democrats have been very successful in forming a godless liberal nationwide coalition composed of powerful entities such as the National Education System, the liberal news media, the entertainment industry, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, LGBT+, and the social media platforms. There are others, but these are the main entities at this time that form this Democrat coalition

It should be noted, that one of the most successful tactics (among other devious tactics) the Democrats use is demonetization by use of labels against any one who apposes their agenda. Some of the more common labels they use are homophobe, climate denier, racist, xenophobe, election denier, and the list will undoubtedly grow as the battles continue.

Possible Conservative Strategies

It would seem that a new nationwide conservative coalition could be formed to support the Republican Party and deal with the tactics the Democrats are currently using to destroy the nation. This coalition would require a group of dedicated and talented God-fearing individuals to create it. Also, in the process of creating this coalition there could be an accompanying effort to encourage existing conservative organizations to join this coalition.

In the effort to create this coalition the question arises; do the conservatives adopt the same tactics the liberals use, which are based on lying, deceit, dishonesty, hypocrisy, and corruption. It would seem that if God’s blessing is to be in this effort, the depraved tactics of the liberals should not be adopted.


It is now evident that the liberal entities (especially the US universities) have far more national influence than anything the conservatives are presently in control of. It is also evident the Democrat Party would not be in control of this nation’s political offices without these liberal entities.

Recent history has clearly shown that the Republican Party does not have the strategy and wisdom to save this constitutional nation, nor are they inclined to adopt a new strategy. It will be up to the God-fearing citizens joining together in some type of unified coalition if this nation is to be saved.