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The bad news is we have a LONG way to go to drive the final stake in the heart of this monster.



Updating – Things Change Fast

By Oregon Firearms Federation

A trial on a permanent injunction is scheduled for Dec. 13th in Harney County. While no one could have predicted any of this, we have reason to believe that it will go well.
This is a link to the Harney Courthouse.

We have been informed you can watch the hearing live using the webex link at 9AM. We have not tested this.

But, just as in our Federal case, there will still be a long way to go. It’s unlikely that we will get a final answer on whether 114 is constitutional for some time.

That is the case in both the pending State and Federal cases. But for now, because of GOA’s suit, Measure 114 is NOT in effect.

Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the implementation of Measure 114. It was invitation only, and while the State Police were invited, apparently the Sheriffs were not. Of course, while the State Police get to make the rules, it’s Sheriffs and local police who get this garbage can dumped in their laps for enforcement. No wonder they weren’t invited.

To no one’s surprise the hearing answered exactly no questions. The State Police did say that an application to get a “permit to purchase” would be available online today. And it is. But there was virtually no information on any of the many questions about how anyone could actually comply with this horrifically poorly written law.

The OSP could not say if all of the personal information required by the measure would be be public. (The measure requires it.)

They could not say what would happen if a person pawned a gun before the measure went into effect and tried to retrieve it after the measure went into effect. Could the owner have the magazine as well as the gun?

They could not say what would happen to firearms sitting in police evidence rooms that had to be returned. Could those be returned with the magazines?

The OSP said they had no database set up to collect information but would do it “in an excel spreadsheet.”

Their website says:

(4) Permit agents may designate permit agent responsibilities only to other Oregon law enforcement agencies and only as follows:
(a) Local police chiefs may designate permit agent responsibilities to other local police chiefs or the Oregon Sheriff having jurisdiction over the residence of a person making an application for a permit to purchase; or
(b) An Oregon Sheriff may designate permit agent responsibilities to a local police chief having jurisdiction over the residence of a person making an application for a permit to purchase.

So the local cops can dump this in the sheriff’s lap and the sheriff’s can dump it in the local cop’s lap. You can imagine how that would go.

The good news is this nightmare is on ice for the time being. That gives gun owners, and dealers, and Sheriffs a bit of breathing room, though the backlog of people waiting to take possession of things they paid for is still insane. And of course, if it takes the OSP more than 30 days to issue an approval, even if one is given, the buyer goes right back in the queue of almost 40 THOUSAND people.

The bad news is we have a LONG way to go to drive the final stake in the heart of this monster. If you can help with the skyrocketing legal bills, we would be very grateful.

Both OFF and OFEF are fighting this battle but all tax deductible contributions to OFEF, the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation, go to pay for the lawyers.

Please visit this link to help. And thank you.

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2 Comments on Whiplash!

  1. I know this doesn’t help but the best way to fight this is move to a red state and make it so red that such a thing can never happen to you again. In Oregon you are waaaay behind enemy lines. But your area is red? It doesn’t matter. The rest of the state is in such deep blue decline it is dragging you down with it. Again, sorry, but If you really want to fight communism…move.

    We Need You Here
    (Your Red State neighbors)

  2. It’ll be like RI: the local town chief of police will tell you it’s not his job because town counsel doesn’t want town liability for issuing a license, and the sheriffs will say it’s not their job because the local police chief has jurisdiction for his residents. It’s a pretty sturdy seesaw for a while and in the meantime nobody can get licensed.

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