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The Joke Is On Them

The UN and WEF are winning, and probably laughing at how many young people have been duped into adopting the ideology over the Constitution.


The Joke Is On Them

by Karen Schumacher

Across America people are at each other’s throats, divided, with what appears to be little hope of coming together on the importance of retaining a bonded society.  Once there was a clear understanding of what America stood for, the roots upon which it was founded.  Slowly those roots of our society have been chipped away resulting in what is now mass anger on both sides.  One side for adopting a new progressive agenda that would bring equality and equity, the other for rejecting it and retaining the foundation that has worked for 246 years.

This gradual crumbling of America’s foundation can be attributed to several reasons such as the destruction of the educational system with introductions of ideologies, and the erasure, distortion, and redefining of history,  Every aspect of how life has been lived, and why it needs to be changed, has been going on for over 30 years.  Baby Boomers were the last to be taught history and learn from those who lived during the depression and through wars.  Millennials, Gen Z, and some Gen X have been convinced that America was created all wrong, was founded on racism, white supremacy, and oppression, and there is a better way.  But how would they know if they have not been taught history or learned from generations who experienced history?

Taking advantage of the innocence of youth is not a new strategy.  Vladimir Lenin understood this, as well as Adolph Hitler, both having taken control of children from parents, influencing a change in societal norms, and leading them to adopt their respective ideologies, resulting in millions of deaths.  Hitler captured youth in his Hitler Youth campaign, “…the support of the youth was vital to the future of the third Reich…”.  Using sexuality was part of his campaign just as it is today.  Just change that future part to the future of sustainable development by the United Nations (UN), the World Economic Forum (WEF) Great Reset with its corporate and government partners, and Young Global LeadersKomsomol was created for youth to carry on Lenin’s ideology.  Neither of these historical truths have probably been taught to our youth for decades.  However, youth have been swallowing sustainable development for decades so that is the history they know.

Now some may say that those who cling to the American foundation of government, a foundation they say is based on lies and white supremacy, which is not true, are wrong and are now demanding the true story is told.  Forget the Constitution and “all men are created equal” decree.  Such is the reason and justification for revising history and changing society, filling young minds on why there is a need for a more just world.  Such dichotomies in beliefs and ideologies between these age groups have torn families apart, and our society.

This propaganda process is called Gleichschaltung, accomplished through the “oversight of newspapers, magazines, films, books, public meetings and ceremonies, foreign press relations, theater, art and music, radio, and television.”  WEF corporate partners, such as major media outlets, and UN celebrity partners and corporations, both work to spread the propaganda, and both organizations know it.  Sustainable development is a clever and virtuous way to promote a better life, who doesn’t want to have a world that is sustainable and in harmony?  The end goal however is the same, to permeate young minds with lies.  Instead of laying blame on the Jews, blame is laid on capitalism.

“[T]he secret of propaganda [is to] permeate the person it aims to grasp, without his even noticing that he is being permeated. Of course propaganda has a purpose, but the purpose must be concealed with such cleverness and virtuosity that the person on whom this purpose is to be carried out doesn’t notice it at all.  This was also the purpose of “co-ordination”: to ensure that every aspect of the lives of German citizens was permeated with the ideas and prejudices of the Nazis.”

Well, the truth is, the joke is on those generations, they are the ones who have been fed propaganda, have had their minds manipulated into believing lies, and who will pay for it in the end.  With such faith in UN sustainable development goals (SDG), WEF Great Reset, and the twisted impression that the government owes them rather than operates only by the consent of the governed, and not understanding their love of democracy isn’t even in the Constitution,  they are clueless as to the destructive paths being laid down before them.  Just as the UN and WEF have espoused their great plans to make the world better and influencing generations to buy into it, so did Hitler.  The sustainable development lie has been adopted hook, line, and sinker.

As a result, because of this influence on individuals soaked with lies affecting their behavior, we are having a massive societal breakdown.  While blame is laid on the individuals who founded our country and those who fought so hard in protecting and preserving it, and on those who continue to embrace it, the truth is each of these lost generations are sacrificing themselves to evil such as German society did with Hitler.  There is nothing new here, the ruse has been executed before.  Boomers who were taught and understand history see the same methodology being played out again.  The UN and WEF are promising the same, saving the world “from poverty, hunger“, better jobs, but with the same end goal of “control and power over nearly every aspect of life”.  Sadly, by dismissing and rejecting the wisdom and knowledge of Boomers who have lived long enough to understand a scam when they see it this ideology has been embedded into three generations.

Instead of a screaming maniac yelling at the masses, the UN and WEF deploy subtle influences with messaging through media and entertainment while using their venal professional organizations (APAAPA, APA) and corporations to spread the ideology and indoctrinate while amassing colossal profits.  This has been a bloodless war on humanity, a deliberate non-violent move to transform behavior and beliefs.

Overpopulation has been a major theme of woes in which these generations have been convinced.  Because of their ignorance of history, they don’t understand this is an age old concept that can even be read about in A Christmas Carol from over 100 years ago.  Those same generations have also been led to believe reducing the population is good and have chosen to eliminate a future family from their lives or significantly reduce the size of a family.  The promotion of birth control, sterilization, and abortion advance this cause.  Just another subtle way these organizations have used propaganda to advance the breakdown in the core of a society, the family unit.

Most of these generations have not experienced any want in their lives, or sacrifices.  Despot organizations have subtly convinced them that investing in ones own prosperity is shameful and whatever they have should be given to those in need.  What a feeding mechanism for UN non-governmental organizations (NGO) and corporations that donate to causes from which the consumer pays and the corporation takes the tax break.  Charity was once the work of local communities and churches, but that role has also been ripped from the fabric of society.  The UN has even hijacked religious leaders and become the new God.

As the UN and WEF continue to use their partners for their narratives and influencing beliefs, families and our society will remain fractured, with those fractures being played out in the media as something good to right the wrongs towards the oppressed.  Breaking up the traditional family and societal roles is needed to usher in new narratives of how the world should be, a “civil society“.

These generations will continue to blame racist white supremacists, or whatever other inequality issue is fed to them that promotes division, for the failures of America.  As society is “reimagined” with this new ideology future generations will continue to be hornswoggled and sucked in, eventually creating a society of mindless controllable creatures as they adopt the lifestyles being fed to them.  During elections, they will continue to vote for officials who support, adopt and implement this ideology.  A severe reckoning will happen when they realize the cost of this utopian life, which can’t be reached, is loss of freedom and identity as an individual.  For all the preaching of tolerance, there is little tolerance of anything except acceptance of the ideology.  In many cases it is a matter of choosing ideology over family.  Those who have been fortunate enough to be part of the old society, and continue clinging to it, will be the last vestiges of America that has made our society so great.

So this is how it has, and continues to be done, an insidious bloodless war that has taken over generations across the world.  The UN and WEF are winning, and probably laughing at how many young people have been duped into adopting the ideology over the Constitution

Our Founders came from tyranny and built a government that gave us the ability to stop it should it ever become tyrannical.  However, generations that have adopted this new ideology do not understand this is the same methodology that has historically been used before, and are falling into the trap of tyranny, while advocating for a new global governance.  The wool has been pulled over their eyes, they are the butt of the joke and have been hoodwinked and duped into accepting a false promise of a better world for which they will trade their freedom and inalienable rights, instead making a conscience decision to allow tyrannical sociopaths to make all decisions for them, including how they will live and what rights they will be allowed.  In the process they are rejecting their most precious foundations, their family, a strong society, and the Constitution.  In the end, they will bear the brunt of this agenda, the joke will be on them.


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