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The Consequences Of Reality

John Adams stated, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People”

The Consequences Of Reality

By Pete Ketcham

As one looks at the increasing illogical, immoral, and “just plain crazy” policies overwhelming our nation, it becomes evident that all the current efforts (political & social) to return our nation back to it’s logical constitutional/christian base are failing.

Although there are many illogical and immoral issues overtaking our nation, the major ones such as Climate Change, LGBT+, Wokeness, CRT, Illegal Immigration, and Crime, are all promoted by the godless woke liberal population.

It has become evident that it is impossible to convince these woke liberals of the impending disastrous results of their actions, as they will only realize reality when they personally suffer the consequences of their misguided actions.

For example, the illogical climate change advocates will not face reality until they have to try to survive for weeks, perhaps months without electric power due to their destruction of existing power plants and hydroelectric dams, mistakenly thinking windmills and solar panels producing (intermittent) power can meet their needs.

Another example of the woke liberal illogical action, is their sympathetic attitude towards criminals as reflected by no bail laws, early release from prison, lack of prosecution for crime, and hostility towards law enforcement. It will not be until they or one of their family members are robbed, beaten, raped, or killed that they see reality, and personally suffer the consequences of their misguided actions.

A last example of an illogical (and depraved) agenda is the LGBT+’s process of destroying the nation’s christian moral base. The supporters of the LGBT+ agenda who feel they are broad minded, compassionate, and see all Christians as bigots will only see the reality of their support of this degenerate agenda when an incidence such as their minor child is sexually molested as a result of LGBT+ support of pedophiles.

There are other examples that could be cited, but the question remains is how bad throughout the nation does it have to get before the consequences of the illogical actions of the godless woke liberals are realized. Could the nation descend into total chaos before this occurs?


It is impossible to accurately forecast what is going to happen in the future to our nation, as we are sailing in uncharted waters we have never been in before, but from current circumstances it seems pretty certain we are heading into a catastrophic situation if we do not change course. It also seems pretty certain we will not be able to survive as a christian based constitutional nation without the intervention of God.

And lastly, this nation was founded and designed on the moral bases of the christian beliefs, and as founding father John Adams stated, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People”, and without the original basic beliefs it can neither function nor survive as a constitutional nation if we continue on our present course.


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1 Comment on The Consequences Of Reality

  1. Awakening the woke ? Bon chance !…As Mr Ketcham notes, instilling a germ of critical thought into liberal minds is nigh on impossible..I call it the Noble Victim syndrome – a madness infecting those who accept even the most horrorific personal consequences as a sacrifice toward establishing their Brave New World…

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