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Democrat-RINO / Republican-Trump Parties

All three branches of government are against the people


Democrat-RINO / Republican-Trump Parties

by Roger Whitten

Throughout history, there have been two political parties: one for the people, and one for the aristocracy. At times, the party for the people has been snuffed out. This is one of those times.

The Democrat/RINO party and the Republican/Trump party are both for the billionaire class. If in doubt of this fact, one needs only to look at government spending, which consists of an enormous transfer of wealth from the working people to the billionaires. If further proof is required, government’s violations of the Bill of Rights illuminate how all three branches of government are against the people.

This deplorable situation exists because the people have been conned, duped, deceived. If the truth was to prevail, the people would counter the power of the billionaire class and bring some sanity to the exercise of governmental power. Due to the controlled and corrupted educational system, media, politicians, generals, etc., the people are hoodwinked into believing what they perceive as the generally accepted norms. The overwhelming onslaught of biased programming, constantly being reinforced, produces a false reality inside the brains of people. For example, war is good; climate change is bad; government is the answer to our problems; individual rights, our shield against tyranny, may be tossed aside for a perceived notion of “the greater good.”

Restoration of a government for the people requires a change in our election system. Obviously, stuffing the ballot box must end. Just as important, only those people who are entitled to vote in an election should be involved in that election’s electoral process. In other words, if you cannot vote in an election, stay out of it.

Let us bring back a party for the people: a party that advocates placing the election system into the hands of the people.



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3 Comments on Democrat-RINO / Republican-Trump Parties

  1. Unfortunately it appears that our own District 1 Congressman, Russ Fulcher, is a swamp dwelling RINO given his day 1 support for RINO McCarthy.

  2. I(t really will not matter when the country goes broke and it will only a matter of time and that time is pretty damned close. No way can any one or any country survive what is going on in the US just more and more debt and more and more worthless money being printed and some little thing will spark the whole melt down that is coming and it will happen if they don’t stop the insane spending.

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