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You Cant Vote Your Way Out of Communism #NationalDivorce

People are waking up and are talking about the mess in which this country has been put

You Cant Vote Your Way Out of Communism

You Cant Vote Your Way Out of Communism

by Shari Dovale

I find it interesting that some of the topics trending throughout social media are related to secession. Topics like “National Divorce” and “American Brexit” seem to dominate the discussions.

It is interesting because for several years now the Democrats have placed that topic strictly at the feet of the “Radical Right” and called them the Domestic Terrorists of the US for even considering the idea.

However, this midterm election showed that it is not only a few that are seeing the issues arise from Biden’s Tyrannical Regime. Additionally, it has become a Bi-Partisan issue.

A group in Oregon called “Citizens for Greater Idaho” had the question on the ballot for two additional counties during this election cycle. Residents in Morrow County and Wheeler County voted to join nine previous counties in moving the state line between Oregon and Idaho. The movement is called “Greater Idaho” and has gained more steam recently.

San Bernardino County voted to secede from their state of California and form the “Empire State.”

Three counties in Illinois have passed referendums that technically allow initiating the process of secession from the state, joining some 24 that had already approved of similar non-binding measures.

Local Liberals need not be concerned as the powers that be in D.C. will never allow that to happen. They have prepared for this with their years-long staging of oppression throughout our once-great country.

But why are the people from all over the spectrum even talking about secession?

Everyone, the Democrats and their RINO counterparts, as well as their media propaganda machines, all expected a Red Wave to dominate these mid-term elections. It didn’t happen. Some folks seem to still be shell-shocked over the unforeseen results that can only be described as “Out of Left Field.”

Many are saying that the country continues to be gaslighted and the Democrats have pulled more shenanigans, as what is believed to have happened in Election 2020.

Some are starting to see the Republicans as what they truly are, and that of co-conspirators in the Great Reset.

And some just keep it simple, saying that a country that willingly elects someone like John Fetterman cannot survive.

The basics come down to this: our country was lost many years ago, and we have been transformed into a communist state, and you just can’t vote your way out of communism.

When our Great Republic lost the basic rights with which our Founders gave us, no one seemed to notice. The 1st amendment is gone, replaced with “Free Speech Zones.” The 2nd amendment is gone, replaced with “Red Flag Laws” that RINOs like Dan Crenshaw champion.

The Supreme Court found ways to determine search and seizure are permissible WITHOUT probable cause, trashing the Fourth Amendment.

The US Congress allowed Lois Lerner to warp the use of the 5th amendment, therefore violating these rights and allowing a precedent for government officials to get away with abusing citizens through the power the government wields.

And the list continues.

This proves what the Globalists in Power have been practicing: If you are in control, you will receive every perk and you can throw that in the face of all your citizens.

Case in point is Steve Bannon being found guilty of Contempt of Congress and sentenced to 4 months in jail. Yet, no one is talking about Eric Holder who was found in Contempt of Congress for not turning all requested documents regarding “Fast and Furious” over to Congress, but was never prosecuted. It was said that Holder was insulted by Obama’s Executive privilege, yet those associated with President Trump better not count on the same privilege.

Fast and Furious: Biggest Political Cover-Up Since Watergate

And those that tried to speak up about these violations were vilified and shamed as “Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists,” called “Domestic Terrorists” or simply “Constitutionalists.”

Your rights have been taken from you, and you cannot vote them back. You have to decide if you will continue on to the Great Reset, allowing your children to be indoctrinated in government schools, paying the higher taxes until you can no longer feed your families, and soon to be forbidden from practicing your faith.

Will you explain to your children and grandchildren that a one-party rule was necessary to keep the “Riff-Raff” of the Capitalists from owning things? Will you tell them that the “Village” was necessary to care for them, as parents could not be expected to know how to raise children? When will you disclose that you knew that forced vaccinations only led to depopulating the world? How will you justify that a country that fought for civil rights and to stop segregation willingly jumped into a world of racism?

People are waking up and are talking about the mess in which this country and world have been put by the Globalist Elites. It is no longer in the hands of a few Rightwingers. It is in the hands of people from all walks of life, from both sides of the political aisle, and from people that refuse to be classified as having a “Sheep’s mentality.”

The election really meant very little, as many do not believe we will ever have another legal election. This is echoed around the world, just look at Brazil:

How Team Biden Tried to Coup-Proof Brazil’s Elections

Brazil election marked by disinformation networks, says (Jimmy) Carter Center

‘Brazil was stolen’: the Bolsonaro supporters who refuse to accept election result – video

What will you tell your children, that this was all okay? That it was not your job to fix this country? That they need to accept the communism that we now live under?


You Cant Vote Your Way Out of Communism

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  1. I hope to fedpost my way out the FUSA, but EXPECT to die in a 3Letter Midnight Raid, so there’s where I stand…

  2. We have been in a non-shooting civil war for some time… you have one of two choices and neither is attractive to our current style of living…

  3. Biden , Fetterman… to peas in a pod…

    SOON, the gun contol rats will be out in full force. Who will COMPLY?

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