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The Next Election And Grim Reality

Results of this midterm election has shown that the highly touted projected “Red Wave” did not occur.


The Next Election And Grim Reality

 By Pete Ketcham

Many conservatives had hoped that the midterm elections would sweep the liberal Democrats out of office, and become of the start of returning the nation to it’s original constitutional bases and fear of the Lord. But the results of this midterm election has shown that the highly touted projected “Red Wave” did not occur, but what did occur is proof that a large portion of the nation is satisfied with the state of the nation, and content with the insanity and corruption of the Democrat party.

The “grim reality” is that crime, border invasion, moral decline, insanity, and chaos will continue and grow worse. A realistic look-back at the last forty years has shown that regardless of who held the nation’s major political offices, the morality and logical reasoning of the nation consistently declined.

At this point many may wonder how bad it has to get before the people wake up and begin to return to a moral and constitutional nation. Before that happens, there is a very real possibility that the nation could collapse into chaos and anarchy so severe that one of our enemies (such as China or Russia) would be able to step in and take control of the entire nation.

Although the preceding scenario may seem extreme, the grim reality is that there is absolutely nothing out in the future political/moral arena to change or stop the downward trend the Democrat party’s agenda is taking the nation. It is now evident, that trading political office every two to four years with the Democrats has no effect what so ever on the continuing downward trend away from the original constitutional and God-fearing basis of our nation.

And lastly, it is also evident, that only a miracle from God can save our nation, as the “next election” will never do it.

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