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Republican 2024 Presidential Candidate

Trump, or no Trump, a question for the 2024 election


Republican 2024 Presidential Candidate

By Pete Ketcham

In this current turbulent political arena there are many unpredictable events that can take place within the time frame of the two years till the presidential election. At this time it seems most Republicans are supporting Donald Trump as the 2024 Republican presidential candidate.

Even though Trump accomplished some major beneficial things for the nation such as energy independence, good economy, ( all of which did not last) etc., It could be a mistake to run Trump again for the following reasons;

  1. His arrogant braggadocio personality was so offensive to many liberal, and also conservative voters, that he became a lighting rod for a force of hate that overwhelmed the nation, preventing any chance of cooperation between opposing political parties. If he runs again in 2024 this same hate will once again overtake the nation.
  2. Trump has been hit with numerous unwarranted law suites and investigations that are taking a tremendous amount of his attention and energy to deal with. This distracting burden will follow him through his campaign and on into the presidential office (should he win). All this baggage coupled with the overwhelming hatred will deny Trump any respect or cooperation a president needs to govern effectively.
  3. Trumps age in 2024 will be 77, which is not all that old, but is still a deficient as compared to the vigor of younger contenders.
  4. And lastly, Trump’s support of various candidates in Tuesday’s election did not turn out very well, an indicator he does not have the positive influence that he and his supporters believed he had.


At this point the Republicans need a fresh start going into the 2024 presidential election. Individuals such as Ron DeSantis and Kari Lake, who have shown outstanding maturity and demeanor in their governors campaigns could be viable contenders for the Republican presidential candidate.

If Trump decides to run again (which he probably will), it will be a tumultuous two years till the presidential election. The Democrats will throw everything they have at him, the hate will take over the entire democrat community once again, the investigations and lawsuits will increase, and lastly, Trump’s arrogant braggadocio personality will assure it all gets worse.


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