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Idaho Has Firearm Preemption Laws

Idaho Has Firearm Preemption Laws

Idaho has firearm preemption laws that should prevent cities and counties from banning firearms. These laws are to provide consistency for Idahoans as they travel throughout the state.

Beginning in 2019, the Festival at Sandpoint began enforcing a ban on lawful firearm carry at the city owned War Memorial Field. Sandpoint and the Festival claim that the public park becomes private property during the few days of the festival.

This scheme becomes a big loophole through which cities can circumvent the Idaho legislature’s will and its firearm preemption laws. Boise is broadly implementing this firearm banning scheme at many events in its city limits. 

Therefore Scott Herndon, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and the Second Amendment Foundation are challenging this ban at the Idaho Supreme Court. They are bearing their own costs of the suit, not burdening taxpayers. The challenge is exactly what the judicial system is designed for.

Republican Scott Herndon cares about the constitution and the rule of law, which is why he got involved in this situation and this suit. Benjamin Franklin said we have a Republic “if we can keep it”. As he has in the past, Scott Herndon will work tirelessly to keep the republic.

D. Colton Boyles, Esq.
Sandpoint, Idaho

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