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Would You Do It All Again for $300?

Is $300 really worth lock-downs, masks, school closures, vaccinations, and propaganda?

Would You Do It All Again for $300?

Would You Do It All Again for $300?

By Ammon Bundy

The governor of Idaho issued lock-downs. He issued mandates. He had Christians and mothers arrested. He shut down businesses. He masked up, got vaccinated, he got the booster. And in exchange for all of this he got BILLIONS of dollars from the federal government. 

NOW, just before the election, he’s planning on sending you a check for around $300.

Is $300 really worth the lock-downs, the social distancing, the masks, the school closures, the vaccinations, the constant coercive media and propaganda? Would you do it all again for $300?

I didn’t think so.

As your governor, I might not be able to send you all a check for $300. But, I will NEVER lock you down, mask you up, and sell your rights for federal funds. I will stand with you. I will stand up for you. I will fight for you!

This November 8th, please vote for me so we can secure Idahoan’s freedom from this kind of corrupt sell out. Together, we will Keep Idaho IDAHO!

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