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What is Important in the Upcoming Election

If I can reach roughly 80% agreement, they can get my vote

What is Important in the Upcoming Election

What is Important in the Upcoming Election

by Shari Dovale

The Most Important thing in the upcoming election for you to remember is that You Must Vote!

For anyone that claims they are ‘not political’ they are fooling themselves, as there is no part of your life that is not touched by politics. Property taxes, grocery taxes, the price of gasoline, where you can build, what businesses are allowed to operate, etc. These are all decided by politicians, and politicians are all elected by you.

If anyone is in a government position that is not elected, then they were appointed by someone who was elected. It still comes back to you. It has been said, and I agree, that ‘All Politics Are Local’. This means that all elections are about what the people are most concerned with. If a politician does not concern themselves with local issues that effect their constituents, they might as well go home.

Yes, it is every citizen’s right, and their Duty, to take part in the hiring of the officials to run our government. Not every country is afforded the right to vote, so those that have this freedom should not take it lightly. This is not a privilege, it is a right. And rights that are not utilized are easily removed.

As I am a Christian, I want to address this group of people directly. It is the duty and responsibility of every Christian to vote, and to vote for leaders who promote Christian principles. God commands us to “Choose for your tribes wise, understanding, and experienced men”. This means that we should vote for leaders that share our values. Christ calls us to influence our culture rather than isolate ourselves from it. This together means that Christians have a sacred duty to vote, and when we vote, to vote our convictions, our beliefs and our values.

The second most important thing for you to remember is to Vote In Person, preferably on the day of the election, not before.

With the rampant fraud that has been proven throughout the country since the election of 2020, people need to understand that it is not a conspiracy theory, or a simple difference of opinion, with which our country is dealing. For more information, visit Election Integrity Idaho!

Point number 3 is that not every race needs your vote.

There are some election races in which I do not like any of the candidates that are running. I do not feel they represent me and my values. This does not mean that I should write in a fictional name, like Mickey Mouse, to register my protest. No, this could invalidate your vote in some jurisdictions. More important, if there is a future recall of the winning candidate, the number of signatures for that recall would be based on the number of people that voted in that election. This could make a huge difference to you down the road. It is much better to leave that spot blank.

This mid term election is all about local candidates. From country to state candidates, to regulations, rules and questions of which you might be asked your choice.

I will try to give you a few things to think about in the upcoming election, and as I live in Idaho, I will focus my issues on these questions.

Point to make: I will never again vote for anyone on the Democrat ticket.

This is actually new for me, as I have never been one to automatically vote a party line. However, though I may not vote Republican, as I believe many Republican candidates are no better than the Globalist Democrats, I will never again vote for anyone that has a (D) behind their name.

They have proven time and again that they are not interested in you as a person. They are not interested in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or preserving your way of life. They are all about growing government, and including our Republic into a Global Government.

Point to make: If I receive verifiable information of any candidate being supported by Globalists, Communists, or anyone connected to the World Economic Forum, I will not just withhold by vote from them, but I will actively canvass to let others know about this fraudulent politician.

Anyone can donate if they choose, but candidates have the responsibility to turn down donations from people and organizations that do not hold their values. If a candidate accepts money from these organizations then it is fair to say that the candidate also holds these evil and harmful values. It should never be left for the voter to search out and find, the candidate should be up front about their donations.

Final point to make: I have decided not to cast a vote for any incumbent judge, as most of them get very complacent in their duties. Many of them turn very Left-leaning, hence our judicial system is not the fair and balanced system we were given at the outset from our founders.


Having said all of that, let’s move on to the specific items on the upcoming ballots.


US Senator

There is a growing faction that holds the belief “Anyone but Crapo” and they have very valid points. Crapo does not hold the same values that he once seemed to. He has gone against the voters repeatedly, including on everything relate to President Donald Trump.

Additionally, he actually made his re-election announcement through a press release, not allowing any questions. Most people still have not seen him, or been able to ask him questions since he announced. No, if I cannot talk to a candidate, then they will not get my vote.

There are 4 other candidates that are running for his seat, of which three can be crossed off easily, as they are democrat, career candidates, or not running a viable enough campaign to get information on their views to the voters.

The remaining candidate is Scott Oh Cleveland (IND). I have met Cleveland and he does fall into the conservative column quite regularly. I will never agree 100% with any candidate, and do not hold that against most of them. However, if I can reach roughly 80% agreement they can get my vote. Cleveland reaches that threshold. Learn more about him here: Cleveland for Senate

Condemning Idaho RINOs Little, Crapo & Risch
Senators Risch and Crapo: The Case for Term Limits



Brad Little has continued with his Radical Left-Wing agenda. He makes false claims, such as claiming he did not order various lockdowns during the Covid-1984 plandemic. He also tried to tell most Idahoans that they were not essential to the state, therefore they could not work and support their families. Additionally, he has too many Democrats on his team to think they do not have major influence over him. He will never get my vote.

There are 4 other candidates that are running for his seat, of which three can be crossed off easily, as they are democrat, career candidates, or not running a viable enough campaign to get information on their views to the voters.

The remaining candidate is Ammon Bundy. This is a candidate that has controversy surrounding him, but he has never let that stop him from talking to the voters. He counters much of the controversy by being willing to answer all questions put to him.

I do not agree with everything I have heard from him, but as before, if I can reach roughly 80% agreement they can get my vote. Bundy reaches that threshold. Learn more about him here: Ammon Bundy

Ministry Of (Very Little) Truth in Idaho
Gov. Brad Little Extends Idaho Lockdown FOREVER
Ammon Bundy Will Pardon All Covid Convictions
Exclusive: Interview With Ammon Bundy


Attorney General

Lawrence Wasden was firmly beaten in the primary by Raul Labrador, and for good reason. I believe Labrador to be conservative, and every time I have spoken to him, he has been accessible and answered all of my questions. Though we differ in opinion on a few points, I believe he will make a very good Attorney General.

Learn more about him here: Labrador for Attorney General

Inside the campaign of Idaho’s most zealous advocate


State Senator, LD 1

There is only one true choice in this race, and that is Scott Herndon.

Herndon is a true conservative with values that I admire. He has fought for your rights for many years, and will continue to be a voice to be reckoned with. He is Pro-Life and Pro-Second Amendment, as well as standing up for everyone that was told they could not attend church during Brad Little’s Covid lockdowns.

Learn more about him here: Herndon for Idaho

Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler Endorses Scott Herndon for Idaho Senate
Idaho State Rep. Heather Scott Endorses Scott Herndon for Senate


*Those are the only state races in which I will cast a vote. Most of the remaining candidates do not hold my values. I expect them to win, as they have no competition, yet I hope that with a smaller turnout, they will get the message that they need to change.


Bonner County

Bonner County is in the unique position of having 3 lame duck commissioners. One did not run for reelection, one was voted out during the primary, and the 3rd is in his last 2 years of an obviously unpopular term.

Asia Williams is a good choice for a seat in that office, and I will vote for her.

Vote Asia Williams – The Constitutional, Conservative Voice

*The remaining county candidates will all get elected as they have no one challenging them. Good Luck to them all.


Ballot Questions

There are 3 ballot questions for Bonner County residents.

The first question is a constitutional amendment, SJR102. This is an important amendment that came about during the Covid-1984 plandemic, in which Left-Leaning radical Governor Brad Little abused his authority and took the powers from the legislature. This must never happen again.

I am voting YES on SJR102.

Vote YES on SJR102

The second is an Advisory Question, in which it has been written for the ballot in such a way as to shame the voter into agreeing with the Progressive Left. The money has been earmarked for public education, with no mention of families that have moved to homeschooling.

Additionally, this decision will commit the Legislature to $4.1 Billion dollars of additional spending over the next 10 years, without knowing what our tax revenues will be.

This is a bad question. I will vote to DISAPPROVE.

The 3rd question is for residents of Sandpoint only. They are asking to DOUBLE the tourist bed tax for all hotels, motels, AirBnB, etc. It is currently at an already high rate of 7% and they want to DOUBLE it to 14%. This could be devastating to tourism for the City, on which many businesses rely.

I recommend a NO Vote.


Boundary County

Boundary County Commissioner District 2

With so many questions of shenanigans happening in Boundary County, Idaho, this election has proven to be of great importance. The previous commissioners have made decisions that are still being questioned. It is time for new faces in the county government.

The current commissioner was soundly beaten in the primary by Steve Fioravanti. However, the current commissioner cannot let it go. He has launched a write-in campaign to retain his power in the county government. It will be interesting to see who helped fund this campaign, as he has seemingly gotten quite a lot of what could be considered ‘Dark Money’ for this campaign.

This is unacceptable.

The people spoke up, quite loud and proud. They voted for Fioravanti as he was the only candidate to put the people’s values in the forefront.

I recommend Steve Fioravanti

Steve Fioravanti for Boundary County Commissioner
Steve Fioravanti: Dispelling The Lies….


County Clerk

I do not recommend any vote for this position as the current clerk, Glenda Poston, and the only candidate on the ballot, is current under heavy legal scrutiny.

BREAKING: 40 Years of Election Deceit


*I hope that these recommendations assist you in your decisions for whom to vote. These are only my decisions and recommendations, and I highly suggest that everyone do their own research.

Please vote on November 8, 2022


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5 Comments on What is Important in the Upcoming Election

  1. I commend you, Shari. Your decisions are well thought through, and your article defending your positions is very well written. Thank you for giving voice to so many who, like you, can see through the lies, seek the truth, and critically assess our current situation. This election may well be our last chance to save Idaho. VOTE BUNDY.

  2. The greatest election issue for residences of Bonner County
    is that leftist Democrats have moved into the
    the Republican Party of Bonner County, have created
    a large voting bloc in the Republican Party, which, for now, isn’t
    large enough to win primary elections without the assistance
    of Republican Party leadership and immorally have won
    Republican primaries. Sometimes, leftist Democrats have
    moved so many times between the Democrat Party and
    the Republican Party that they often forget, to which party
    they are registered. This immoral and ugly deceit is
    called the Uni-Party.

    Also, it seems the reason the leftist
    Democrats refuse to run local candidates in the general
    election is to deny patriotic conservatives the opportunity
    to run as Democrat candidates in the general election.
    To the corrupt leadership of both political parties, it is
    agreeable to manipulate Republican elections, but it is not permissible
    to manipulate Democrat elections. The only solution that I can
    see is for honest patriotic conservatives of good moral character
    to run as independent candidates.

    • Typical response from the Marxist left, smear the truth
      and question the stability of the messenger For decades,
      the cultural Marxists have been using phony, ugly
      psychological terms to smear the truth and its messenger.
      I believe Stalin was the first to create such a tactic to defeat his
      enemies, He, also, was a strong advocate of one-party rule,
      the Uni-Party.

      Today, in Bonner County’s Uni-Party there are a number of unscrupulous
      far-left, ego maniacs, who believe that only they have the authority to install
      a candidate who must be agreeable to their values and beliefs. The people
      can never have the authority to vote for the candidates they wish to represent

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