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The God-Fearing Patriots

No one knows the plans of God, but at this time there is no choice...


The God-Fearing Patriots

By Pete Ketcham

There are a lot of American God-Fearing patriots that are fighting hard to return this nation back to it’s original commitment to the constitution, honest government, and the respect of God.

For the last thirty years it has been a very difficult fight, and for the last fourteen years it has been a losing fight. The God-Fearing patriots have seen the moral base of the nation sink to depths never imagined thirty years ago.

These God-Fearing patriots are working hard, utilizing conservative talk shows, Fox News, social media, conservative organizations, demonstrations, etc. And even though these efforts enable them to win some political offices, they have not been able to win enough because of the corrupt election actions of the Democrat party.

And now, It seems to be the opinion of many of the major conservative political pundits, that the upcoming midterm elections are so critical, that if the Republicans fail to gain majorities in the house and senate, our nation may never return to it’s constitutional roots.


In the book of Proverbs it says that “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord”, but the illogical godless actions of movements such as “Climate Change”, the perverse LGBT+, and others, demonstrates there is no fear of God, no wisdom, and no logic in the Democrat party agenda.

And so at this point, we are left with the following questions:

  1. Will the God-Fearing patriots with the help of God be able to stop and turn around the current degenerate moral plunge of the nation?
  2. Will the God-Fearing patriots continue to lose more moral ground, until the nation finally collapses from it’s own degenerate actions?
  3. Or will God allow a cataclysmic event such as a nuclear EMT or missile attack by our enemies to effect a complete reset and start over of our nation by the survivors?

No one knows the plans of God, but at this time there is no choice for the God-Fearing patriots but to continue the fight, and trust In the Lord.

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