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The Diminishing Military Recruitment

Many of those who would normally join the military, are turned off by the woke culture that is permeating the entire US military.


The Diminishing Military Recruitment

By Pete Ketcham

All branches of the US military are now behind on their required recruitment, with various Generals and military authorities offering multiple reasons why this is occurring, but missing the root cause.

To voluntary serve in the US military, it requires a degree of national pride, which in the past was the norm. But now that pride of the nation is being destroyed by the national education system from K-12 through collage graduate school. Students are taught that the United States is a white racist, homophobe evil country that should be held in contempt.

Thus for the average indoctrinated young man and woman graduating from high school, the last thing they are inspired to do is join the military. Many of those who would normally join the military, are turned off by the woke culture that is permeating the entire US military.

This lack of recruitment is going to get worse as woke military commanders and politicians stumble around trying to increase recruitment by lowering standards, increasing pay etc., not realizing it is the result of the woke national culture that they themselves helped create.


Due to the present policies of the Biden administration, a weak overall military is now being created that will continue to decline, and this negative change of the US military has not gone unnoticed by our enemies such as Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

With the debacle of the Afghanistan withdrawal, low recruitment, and the woke culture sweeping through the military, our nation is moving into a precarious position on the world stage of armed conflict as we continue our support of Ukraine and Taiwan.

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3 Comments on The Diminishing Military Recruitment

  1. In addition to the school personal destroying America, the millions of immigrants with loyalty to foreign countries does not help solve our need for recruits.

  2. When they institute their draft, it will be the children of the
    Right upon whom they will call. I hope that those on the Right reject this and, in mass, refuse to comply. Let them fight their wars with fags, lesbians and trannies. See how that turns out.

  3. Same the ( Western ) world over. I joined the British Army in 1966. Worked hard, WO2 at 28. Emigrated at age 44, seconded to Australia, the year Britain joined the EU. ( No accident ). Despite the bad MSM press, Australia isn’t bad, particularly Tasmania. I’ve had no jabs, not even pushed, I’d have gone to jail first, but no pressure. Don’t even lock my front door!

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