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State Caught in Child Trafficking? #BabyLily

State Caught in Child Trafficking?

by Shari Dovale

Did you know that the money funneled to states and child protective services actually encourages them to accuse you of child abuse and even murder, and to take your children, even if you’re not guilty, and even though they have absolutely no proof that you harmed your child?

Horrendous as it sounds, it’s true: child abuse has become a business — an industry of sorts — that actually pays states to legally abduct your children and put them up for adoption!

~ New York Times best-selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola, in 2011

Transferring custody of children for the sole purpose of financial gain could be called ‘child exploitation’, ‘child trafficking’ or even ‘slavery’. But, when it is done by your government, it is supposed to be acceptable.

It is NOT acceptable and it must stop!

Baby Lily was born in December 2021 to a woman that recognized her inability to raise the precious little girl. Loving her daughter as she did, she arranged, prior to the birth, for her cousin to adopt the baby.

The State of Idaho did not like that she made these arrangements without their approval and have stepped in to stop this adoption and proceed with one of their own.

The mother has not given up her parental rights, at this point. These rights have not been taken from her. Yet, CPS will not allow the family adoption to take place.

Why, you may wonder?

The CPS social workers and their attorney admitted on a recording to the adoptive mom, that their decision making was contingent on the IV-E funding for the county related to the child custody. In other words, they said that the adoption is not an issue; the issue was the funding!

If CPS arranges the adoption, to one of their approved foster parents, then they will receive thousands of dollars. This is the case with every single adoption they handle. Additionally, while they keep this child in limbo, CPS continues to receive federal payments each month under Title IV.

This is in direct violation of state law which requires CPS to prioritize placement with a relative of the biological parents. The mother’s chosen adoptive parents are her cousins.

State Representative Heather Scott has stepped in to raise awareness of this abuse of power. Her recent townhall, held in Priest River, is shown below:



There is quite a lot more to this story, and you can read the details in the links below. The fact is, if the mother, who has not lost her parental rights, has chosen who she would like to adopt her child, why does the State have any say at all?

This should have been a private adoption, and the State should stay out of it!


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