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Showtime! Vote NO on Measure 114

You may be disgusted, you may be frustrated, but you must vote!


Showtime! Vote NO on Measure 114

by Oregon Firearms Federation

Ballots are arriving. You may be disgusted, you may be frustrated, but you must vote.

All indications are that Ballot Measure 114 is very close. If this passes we will face a long time and a lot of money to defeat it in court. 

Make no mistake, it will be defeated. The proponents know it, the Secretary of State knows it, and the media knows it. But why should they care? When it comes time to fight it, we get to pay for our lawyers and their lawyers. So please get your friends and family to fill out those ballots and bring them to a “secure” drop box or directly to your elections office. Do NOT assume the Post Office will deliver them.

114 is the most extreme anti-gun effort in the country. If it passes, we see no way for most gun dealers to survive while the legal battles get sorted out. So every single vote is going to count.

In other races, there is no question this has been the strangest election we have ever witnessed.

The Republican Caucus (the people already in office) have done everything in their power to torpedo good, independent thinking, candidates. They have gone so far as to threaten candidates OFF supported and recruit opponents to principled, pro-gun candidates. In short, most Republicans in office and their hired lackeys, have done all they can to assure that strong candidates have no chance.

After Republican House “Leader” Vikki Breeze Iverson, had her consultant husband attack OFF as a “fringe group” who should be ignored, we received a request for money from… Vikki Breeze Iverson. 

Meanwhile the Republican Party has done little but sabotage any effort to accomplish anything positive by continuing to allow the most destructive people to hold party office and attack the few who actually ever did anything.

The Governor’s race features three liberal women. And while everyone agrees that a Tina Kotek victory will mean a rapid acceleration of Oregon into a complete dystopian nightmare, it’s impossible to tell which of the other two choices is the least bad. We cannot support either of them.

The following are candidates for the legislature who we believe truly want to make a difference and are not in the pocket of the greedy failures currently in office. If you are in their districts they deserve your support.

For Senate:

Kim Thatcher District 11
John Verbeek District 17
Kim Rice District 18
Ben Edtl District 19

For House:

Jason Fields District 26
Sandra Nelson District 27
Gina Munster Moore District 29
John Woods District 34
Greer Trice District 36
Rob Reynolds District 41
James Hieb District 51*

*Hieb certainly screwed up. But from the moment he was appointed to the seat vacated by Christine Drazan, the Republican Caucus did all it could to undermine him. That has to count for something.

You can view voter guide statements here.


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2 Comments on Showtime! Vote NO on Measure 114

  1. Never underestimate the audacity of a benevolent narcissist.
    60% of “gun deaths” are from suicide.
    Every year, more people die from slipping and falling than from all “gun deaths” combined.

  2. We have been asleep for far too long. Our ‘I just want to be left alone’ and ‘Take the high road’ attitudes have proven to have just encouraged the Left into ever more egregious acts.

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