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It is Time to MAN UP

They will never get past the fact that Real Women Want Real Men

It is Time to MAN UP

It is Time to MAN UP

Opinion by Shari Dovale

It has been suggested that people not use the word “Tranny” in public conversation because it is offensive to the transgender community.

We have also been educated that referring to someone as “Black” is offensive to some (that prefer to be called “Person of Color” or POC) but not to others.

And to be politically correct, we should never use the “Hip Hip” part and only “Hooray” as it could inadvertently be stating an antisemitic sentiment.

I am so tired of watching out for other folks’ feelings when they could care less about mine!

The Woke Socialist Radical Activists in this country have even taken over being WOMEN.

“Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” Sen. Marsha Blackburn asked Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson during her Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

“I can’t… Not in this context — I’m not a biologist,” Judge Jackson replied. 

They refuse to define it, as it might keep some groomers from dressing up and mocking real women. These tranny’s are to be allowed to run around insulting women with their perverse behavior, and I am supposed to accept it?

No, I choose NOT to accept it. I choose to define women, even though I am not a biologist:

  • The sex that has XX chromosomes
  • The sex that can give birth to another human being

I can also define a man, which I note has not yet been focused on in the new wokeness:

  • The sex that has XY chromosomes
  • The sex that produces spermatozoa

The Woke Social Justice Warriors have made every effort to usurp and displace women in the world, in favor of the dishonest narrative that women do or should not exist. Even the feminists that supposedly are fighting for women’s rights have fallen for this claptrap.

Women should not be canceled, ignored, or renounced. They should not be told they are not special and men can “Do it better.”

These perverse counterfeits can pretend all they want to, but they will never get past the fact that Real Women Want Real Men. A real man has manners, is polite, and considerate. He is honest and open and true to himself. Real men have courage, integrity, and a code of moral ethics they live by. They are men who take responsibility for themselves and stand up for their families. And once committed, he is faithful to one woman and does not disrespect her.

These mockeries of men cannot get pregnant. They can dress up like a woman, putting on dresses, wigs and makeup. They can prance and dance and walk while shaking their backsides. They can even get surgery to turn themselves into eunuchs, but they still will not be women! And no law will force me to concede that women are available in any version that some phony man decides.

Another WOKE Podcast was published by Ulta Beauty called The Joy of Girlhood”, in which a couple of MEN talked in their lilting, sugar-sweet voices and trolled women, showing themselves to be misogynistic, woman-hating bigots.

David Lopez and Dylan Mulvaney made a comedy show out of hating women. Mulvaney is the same sexist that describes women’s vaginas as “Barbie Pouches”. He has made a complete comedy routine of daily life of ‘Girlhood’.

This Mulvaney character says he was touring with Broadway musical “Book of Mormon“, which is described as a satire that “playfully pokes fun at religion, sexuality, poverty and race.”

So, if you are WOKE, you get to mock religion, sexuality, poverty and race, yet if you are a conservative with traditional values, you are called transphobic, racist, homophobic, deplorable, clinging to your God, and more.

Woke Social Justice is not a fad, it is the new normal. It is a cult religion that is endorsed by Socialist-Progressive lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

But I choose NOT to take part. I have Free Speech, given to me by God and guaranteed by the US Constitution. I allow the woke radicals their time to speak, and I expect the same in return.

Where has common sense gone? It is time for these pantywaists to MAN UP and get back some of that testosterone they are pumping into the real little girls.


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1 Comment on It is Time to MAN UP

  1. The criminal, anti-Christian Woke Social Justice Warriors have
    their roots in the sick existentialism of Simone
    de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre, who was the father of
    the Maoist counter-culture revolution in the West during
    the ’60s, who was, also, a pedophile like his lover Simone
    de Beauvoir, who stated existence proceeds essence. Or in
    other words, the individual decides who he is, what his nature
    is, what reality is, what is moral, what is criminal and what is
    the truth, which must be protected by the state, of course.
    One could also regard this sick theory as the will to power.

    You see, the Marxists are creating a new category of rights.
    Call them civil rights or human rights, which will replace
    America’s Bill of Rights and states’ rights.

    Can America free herself from 60 years of insane
    demonic propaganda?

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