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Eight Issues From Hell (With more coming)

By themselves just one of these “Issues From Hell” is having a significant negative impact on our nation


Eight Issues From Hell (With more coming)

By Pete Ketcham

There is a combination of eight issues supported, promoted, and financed by the Democrat party that have the potential to destroy this constitutional nation, and in fact are currently doing just that.

This is happening because a significant portion of the US population have totally rejected God and the christian principles set forth in the Bible. These people have thus plunged into the depths of depravity, taken control of the Democrat party, and transformed it into a corrupt criminal enterprise which is currently exploiting and destroying the constitutional basis of the nation.

In this process the Democrat party has unleashed “Eight Issues From Hell“ which are briefly described below.

  1. LGBT+
    This is a degenerate perverted sexual movement that is being accepted throughout the nation’s entire culture, including the education system. It is truly a demon straight out of the depths of hell that is changing the entire moral culture of our nation.
  2. Climate Change
    This is a fraudulent movement based on an illogical unproven climate theory. It is destroying the production and use of “fossil fuels”, and is thus destroying the energy needs of the nation to produce the food and products necessary for survival. If continued it has the potential by itself to destroy the national economy.
  3. Illegal Immigration (Border Invasion)
    The Democrat party has opened the nation’s southern border to unrestricted invasion by the entire world. Un-vetted criminals, gang members, and drugs are sweeping across the nation with no end in sight. Our hospitals, schools, public services are being overwhelmed, and will soon collapse at the present rate they are now required to provide free service to these illegal immigrants. Crime is rising as these illegal immigrants discover it is easier to rob than get a job.
  4. Critical Race Theory (CRT)
    This movement and philosophy is a race war directed at the white race of our nation. It is taught in our schools disguised as a fraudulent justification for the former practice of slavery our nation abandoned over a 150 yeas ago. It is acknowledged that slavery and the “Jim Crow” era was a horrible unjustified practice by the nation, but In these later years there had been a healing and coming together movement that is now being destroyed by the Democrat CRT race war.
  5. Drugs
    Our nation became hooked on drugs starting in the 60’s, and has become a world market (customer) for every criminal drug dealer throughout the world. There is also a increase in local drug dealers and users as Democrat controlled states (such as Oregon) in their insanity have legalized all types of drugs. This nationwide tolerance of drugs has now spread throughout the entire culture, and is also feeding the growth of the homeless population.
  6. Homelessness
    This is a growing problem in most of the large Democrat controlled cities. The homeless are 90% drug addicted, living on the sidewalks and parks in “tent cities”. Businesses are closing as there is no relief from the present sidewalk mess and crime. Democrats believe that free housing and drug “shoot up” centers will solve this problem, not realizing that it’s origin is the godless degenerate culture they themselves created.
  7. Crime
    Crime has now reached limits never seen before. Liberal Democrat mayors, DA’s, and prosecutors have abandon the principles of criminal justice, and have flooded the streets with criminals that should be in prison. People are being assaulted and killed on the street, businesses are being robbed in broad daylight by “smash and grab”, gang killings occur every night, and mass killings at schools and public gatherings are occurring almost once a month. In the midst of all this chaos Democrat mayors and city councils have defunded and persecuted their police departments, resulting in a severe shortage of police officers and crime prevention.
  8. Abortion
    This is simply the murder of unborn babies. You can call this issue pro choice, a woman’s choice, a woman’s health issue, or any other misleading term, but the unborn baby dies. The bible clearly states in several areas that God knows us in the womb. The baby John in Elizabeth’s womb, recognized the baby Jesus in Mary’s womb. As it was decreed in Nazi Germany that the Jews were not worthy of life, likewise in America it has been decreed that the unborn baby is not worthy of life.

By themselves just one of these “Issues From Hell” is having a significant negative impact on our nation, but the combination of all eight of them is literally destroying our constitutional nation.

There is no question that we will need God’s help if we are to eliminate these “Issues From Hell”, for with Satan’s guidance they are growing stronger by the day.


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  1. ? ? ? the christian nationalist tyrant traitors are crying because they realize they have lost the argument on all of the above issues and because America has soundly rejected your crazy insane beliefs. Keep your god in your own house but out of our politics!! Your phony god has no place in American discourse or politics!!

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