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China, Taiwan, and the United States?

It is evident that our military is growing weaker, as the Chinese military is growing stronger

China, Taiwan, and the United States?

China, Taiwan, and the United States?

By Pete Ketcham

There is currently a tremendous amount of speculation, predictions, and opinions by retired US military and China “experts” concerning the future actions of China with Taiwan.

One sure factor is Xi Jinping’s election to another five year term as the leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and he has left no doubt that he intends to “reunite” Taiwan with china, either peaceably, or with force.

No one really knows when China is going to “make their move”, and what it will consist of, but some factors that are influencing the timing of China’s move against Taiwan are as follows:

1. The Chinese are aware that the current US military Commander In Chief is a demented old man who can’t find his way off a stage, and it would be better to take action while he is in office, rather than a competent US Commander In Chief

2. The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan demonstrated the incompetence of the US military leadership to the Chinese, who are also aware that the US military is being indoctrinated with a woke culture that diminishes their combat capabilities.

3. To sum it up is the following quote (concerning their report) of Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts:

“While America’s adversaries, particularly the Chinese Communist Party, make chilling strides to challenge American leadership on the world stage and surpass our nation militarily, the professional political class is consumed with branding climate change as a national security crisis, injecting divisive ideology into the military, and undermining military readiness”.

“Biden’s reckless, naive foreign policy continues to embolden our adversaries, while his domestic agenda undermines the strength of our military. There is no question that under his failed leadership the strength of our military has hit an all-time low”.

The entire Heritage military readiness report is available at the following link:

Overall it is evident from various reports and opinions by credible sources, that our military is growing weaker, as the Chinese military is growing stronger.

But regardless of comparative military strengths it would be a colossal mistake for the United States to engage in an all out war with China over the fate of Taiwan. We are already in a “proxy war” with Russia over Ukraine and would no doubt be in the same situation with China if they invade Taiwan, but to engage in direct combat with either of those nations would in all probability bring on a nuclear war.

And lastly, Taiwan may be capable of putting up a tremendous costly fight against the Chinese, and possibly be able to retain their national sovereignty.


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