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Where Is The Accountability And Objectivity For The Library?

This is cronyism and its also corruption at its worst


Where Is The Accountability And Objectivity For The Library?

by Robert & Cheryl Boone

In response to the August 25th, 2022 article by Ms. Emily Bonsant, she states the library’s future is at risk due to the pending loss of insurance coverage from ICRMP which insures PUBLIC ENTITIES. She also sites threatening behavior which has led to the resignation of Kimber Glidden, the library director. I would like to respond to these allegations.

First, a matter is not established by an accusation. It doesn’t make it true. Where is the evidence of any threats or threatening behavior from any person(s) who are critical of the library board and the library director over their arbitrary decision to unilaterally change the purchasing policy so that they may obtain LGBTQ+ material and place it in the library where young readers can view it? Where is the evidence of this? Where are the police reports?

When any government run organization such as the FBI, County Probation, or a public library becomes politicized it loses trust in the community. I have personally seen examples of local public employees on social media actively involved in vilifying Christians and conspiring to support Kimber Glidden and the library board at any cost. Communications to bring in outside people in and fill the armory room on meeting days so no one opposed to their viewpoint can speak. This is shameful. Where are their supervisors?

The library’s insurance status is at risk…not because people in the community picked on Kimber Glidden, but because she had a personal agenda to covertly change the culture of the community through the introduction of objectionable materials into our public library where young readers can get to it.

One of the objectionable books in question is titled “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe. The book is cleverly packaged like a comic book targeting young readers in the 5-7 year old category. Its colorful and is directed at kids but the content is nothing you would want a small child to read or view. A public library is supposed to be a safe place. Where is the accountability?

This entire controversy was completely preventable, but Ms. Glidden didn’t want to prevent it. She created it and even though she has “resigned” her position, I doubt she is going anywhere. She is now enjoying her 15 minutes of fame as left-leaning national media outlets such as NBC pick up this story, and piece together out of context allegations from various sources in order to label, cancel and demonize anyone who disagrees with their extremist left agenda. Ordinary citizens who are Bible believing Christians are labeled as the “far-right militant religious extremists” in North Idaho. In other words, “domestic terrorists.” We need our newspapers to be objective.

Kimber Glidden was supposed to work for the people of this county. If it’s the library board that was supposed to supervise her, each and every one of them should resign for not doing their jobs and controlling the behavior and the dissemination of her opinions.

When a person works for the government, they are expected to keep their personal beliefs and opinions to themselves as they represent the entire organization. This is the only way the community can trust they will be treated fairly and equally. When this model is not followed, the organization doesn’t serve everyone, which is what we see now. The information dispersed from the library is no longer objective truth, but opinionated spun propaganda.

Unfortunately, we are also seeing the same thing being done not only in the national media, but now in our local media and newspapers. If Ms. Glidden’s viewpoint had been listed in the “Letters to the Editor”, I would not have responded; however the Bonners Ferry Herald has allowed Ms. Glidden’s viewpoint to be the front page story of the paper.

The public library is part of the government and it should work for us…the people. The library board seats are supposed to be elected positions, not hand-picked and appointed to friends and relatives, which is what has been occurring for some time. This is cronyism and its also corruption at its worst.

Our voices should all count. Let the voters of this community decide. Not appointed bureaucrats with a personal agenda. What do you have to fear?



Editor’s Note:  This editorial is in response to an article in another local news outlet.

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