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The Tax And Spend Democrats

Vote for Scott Herndon to represent North Idaho in the Senate.


The Tax And Spend Democrats

The tax and spend Democrats, their secret allies here in North Idaho, and their big corporate allies down in Boise are at it again. They’re spending a lot of money to try and distract us from the fact the fact that Scott Herndon represents true North Idaho values. Scott believes in defending the right to life, liberty, property, and safety for everyone in the state. He believes in small limited government. And he believes that government should be fiscally conservative.

As a State Senator, Herndon will fight for small business owners, farmers, and working people. As a small business owner in this community this is of vital importance to me. He knows that taxing and spending to “redistribute” our earnings for the sake of “equity,” or to promote liberal values is the wrong policy for North Idaho. Scott Herndon knows that we want to see our country get back to the principles on which it was founded with “liberty and justice for all.” If you want to see that too, vote for Scott Herndon to represent North Idaho in the Senate.

Anita Aurit
Sandpoint, ID


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2 Comments on The Tax And Spend Democrats

  1. No way Herndon is getting my vote!! My vote is going to the only real choice in this race, Steve Johnson!! I will never vote for an insurrectionist or a trumpy bear supporting traitor!! I will also vote against anyone professing a christian faith!! We do not need people representing this country who are theocratic dictators!!

    • So you seem to want another zealot dictator to run the country? Most people that do not agree with another’s religious beliefs are happy to turn around and ignore them. You, on the other hand, are passionate about telling the world your Satanist-Religious beliefs against Christianity. It makes many of us want to pray for you, as well as wonder what is controlling all that hatred?

      Btw, I am definitely promoting Scott Herndon, as he is The Most Qualified Candidate we have had in recent memory.

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