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The Real Story

For the reasons stated, I believe the school board did the right thing in rescinding this curriculum.

real story

The Real Story

Here are only a few of the Facts about the Language Arts Curriculum “Wonders” for K-6 grades and “StudySync” for 7-12 grades that was rescinded by the WBCSD board on the 24th of Aug.

1. There were 5 pages of a signed petitions from the community requesting the curriculum to be on the agenda at a board meeting.

2. Efficacy in education means the ability of a product to produce the desired results. “Overall there appears to be little or no research evidence that the Wonders program improves education outcomes, by a statistically meaningful amount.”1

3. The cost was way over budget – $205,000 and budget was $155,000

4. State of Idaho DOE Literacy Adoption Guide stated Weaknesses of Wonders:

    • “A fast pace is required to complete all components each week.”
    • “..lack of shorter, more frequent formative assessments.”
    • “Curriculum is heavily dependent on the on-line resources – problem if technology is not available.”
    • “Hardcopies are not available.”
    • “Teacher training will need to be extensive and ongoing.”
    • “Does not provide much time for student selected reading materials.”

5. Remember when our state education department said that the Common Core standards were a failed system and revised them to the Idaho Core Standards? Under StudySync’s Digital Guide: under the Standards tab, it states – “Common Core State Standards”

6. Only 2 community member were chosen for the curriculum committee, although 34 community members applied.

For the reasons stated above, I believe the school board did the right thing in rescinding this curriculum.


Kathy Nash

Blanchard, ID


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