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The Puppet (And His Masters)


The Puppet (And His Masters)

By Pete Ketcham

Many acknowledge that Joe Biden is the president, and indeed he is the (fraudulent) elected president, but he does not “run the country”.

He is controlled by a group of godless leftist radical “advisors” that plan out every move he makes, and it is they who “run the country”. They set the agenda, the topics, compose the speeches, compose the executive orders, and then send the puppet out to read the teleprompter, and sign the various documents into law.

For the first time in it’s history our nation has now come under the control of a godless unelected cabal of inexperienced, unethical, individuals (criminals), and a mentally deficient old man

This situation should be met with an awareness that Biden is controlled by a cabal of “puppet masters”, but the conservative news, and conservative politicians respond to Biden as if he is in control, they never mention the cabal. This lack of clarity has misled many of the general public into believing that Biden is a normal president who is making his own bad decisions.

As this radical agenda of the Democrats moves forward the most powerful members of Biden’s inner circle “advisors” ( the cabal) who remain in the background, are mostly unknown by the public, some of which are as follows: “chief of staff Ron Klain, counselor Steve Ricchetti, legislative affairs director Louisa Terrell, senior advisors Mike Donilon and Cedric Richmond” . There are many more unqualified advisors pushing their specific agendas such as the economy, immigration, climate change, military readiness, appointment of judges, LGBT+, and the list goes on. Also, even though Obama remains in the background, he and his former staff have a significant impact on the Biden administration.


This situation is devastating the nation, as almost every policy the Democrat puppet masters are enacting (by means of their puppet) is illogical and creating a worsening situation.

Lastly, the Republicans are not only losing the battle in the political arena, but have completely lost the battle in the social/moral arena to have allowed the puppet masters to enhance and promote the LGBT+ degenerate agenda.

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