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The Greatest Influence

Conservative parents have began taking on various school boards, running for school board positions, and creating a challenge to the woke agenda


The Greatest Influence

By Pete Ketcham

There are many social and political factors that are contributing to the present state of our nation, but there is one that is the most influential by far, and that is the nation’s university system.

Every lawyer, judge, teacher, professor, CEO, national/state politician, and most of the nation’s influential individuals have graduated from the nation’s university system, and
all have been exposed to, or indoctrinated by, the university’s degenerate social philosophy. This degenerate philosophy (woke agenda) has been propagated throughout the nation by these graduates as they moved up through society into positions of national influence.

Some of the aspects of this woke agenda as reflected in the various university course curriculums are listed as follows:

  1. The acceptance and promotion of the entire perverse LGBT+ agenda.
  2. The acceptance and promotion of the illogical fraudulent “Climate Change”
  3. Teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is dividing and creating a conflict between the white race and all other races.
  4. Promoting communism and socialism as a viable alternative to a democracy.
  5. Teaching a distorted American history that disparages the constitution and the founding fathers.
  6. Eliminating the public display of any belief in God and the bible from the campus.

There are many more liberal woke issues that could be listed, but these six pretty well illustrate what our university system is teaching our youth.

As each seceding class of university students graduate, these woke issues become more bizarre, illogical, and degenerate


The universities have now become impregnable to any outside conservative influence due in part to their independent financial status. This university system is the most well financed institution in the nation, being financed by state/federal taxes, tuition, and tremendous private grants. Regardless of what financial state the nation is in, the professors, coaches, and administrators continue to receive their generous salaries, and enjoy “job security” regardless of what damage their woke agenda has created.

On the positive side, we now see that some conservative parents of K-12 have began taking on various school boards, running for school board positions, and creating a challenge to the woke agenda that has invaded their schools, yet there is presently no viable challenge to the university liberal woke agenda

And lastly, it is puzzling why the God-fearing conservatives continue to send their children to these universities where there is a good possibility they will be indoctrinated into accepting the godless woke agenda.

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