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Racist Law Pushed By Godless Marxists

Oregon SB 554: The Sell Out Is Complete racist

Racist Law Pushed By Godless Marxists

There is another travesty of sanity coming out of Portland Oregon. Initiative Petition 17 has now morphed into Measure 114 and will be on the November ballot. Portland has been plagued with lawlessness and insanity where the Media, County Council, DA, Mayor, and Governor have been complicit in crimes against humanity for quite some time now. Now we have an insane, unconstitutional, racist, illegal law being pushed by a Godless, Marxist, Church who is using the 1st Amendment to totally extirpate the 2nd.

In Portland, if you burn buildings and urinate on the police you are a “mostly peaceful protester”, but get attacked like Joey Gibson did, and you spend three years fighting riot charges. Congratulations to Joey for finally getting in front of a judge that remembered that we live in America where you must have evidence to convict someone of a crime. It didn’t work out so well the last time a good guy was framed by the systemic White-Racism in Portlandia when Mike Strickland was being surrounded by Antifa and BLM thugs.

In fear for his life, and with good reason, Mike had to draw his weapon for a few seconds to get these braindead adolescents to back off, and it cost him years of hell and his Natural Born Unalienable RIGHTS forever setting a precedent in Portland that says If you are being attacked by a mob and defend yourself, you will leave the Star Chambers in Portland being convicted of 21 crimes.

If things weren’t crazy enough, A few years ago, a group of Churches that seems to be led by Augustana Lutheran Church, started an Anti-American, Godless, Marxist group called Lift Every Voice whose sole purpose is to use the 1st Amendment, to destroy the 2nd, as I’ve previously mentioned. These people seem to embrace everything opposite of what it is to be American or Christian. They are so far from our founding, and so delusional, that they don’t realize that it is because of the 2nd that they are protected by the 1st.

These useful idiots are Anti-American, Godless, Marxist heathens, that embrace censorship, Illegal Invaders, Anti-Fascist Fascists, Black Lies Matter Marxists, Child Indoctrination, Insane Wokeness, and everything detrimental to God and Country. They do this under the guise of religion. They push their self-serving agenda of divisive Racism and destruction, not the work of God.

So their latest brain fart is Measure 114. If passed, Measure 114 would require Oregonians to get a permit to buy a gun. To get the permit would require a test, and a class given by a LEO who would have to teach Federal and State Law. The permit would be obtained from the County Sheriff, or the Chief of Police who would be called a “Permitting Agent”. These classes would cost $65.00 and require a background check from the FBI. There is no clear evidence that anyone in the state would be qualified to give these classes, but that is only one of the obstacles because the under and defunded Sheriffs and Police are telling us that they may not have the manpower or money to deliver these classes. Since these classes require range time and most LEO’s use private facilities to train, they may not even have a place for people to shoot (if you have a gun to shoot with).

If you are lucky enough to get a class, there is no time limit as to when you will receive the permit. If you receive a permit, there is no guarantee that you can buy a gun in a state where some people have been delayed for years just to purchase a self-defense tool. You cannot make this garbage up. You will still have to get another background check from the State Police to buy a gun, and if you get a CHL you will need another background check. Insanity.

This illegal law would also ban commonly owned magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. This includes tubular magazines such as are found on shotguns. Since Shotguns can take more than ten mini shots, this will more than likely ban most of them: kind of a backdoor gun grab.

This law would also create an online gun registry where all of your personnel information would be up for grabs for everyone to see, including identity thieves. We all know where Registration lists lead anyway, right.

If this craziness passes, it will be almost impossible to buy a gun in Oregon, especially for the poor and indigent who probably are in more danger than most. This law would do away with privacy and probably lead to eventual confiscation. It will leave people unarmed and helpless in a state that hasn’t seen the rule of law in years. This law is totally Un-Constitutional, dangerous, Racist, and does nothing to stop criminals as it is an all-out attack on Law Abiding Citizens. What else is new, all gun laws are illegal.

This law is so bad, that the Democrat Central Committee has already written a resolution against it. We expect one from the Republican Party next month. The Oregon State Sheriffs Association has predicted that this Law will raise around 19m dollars through fees, and cost over 40m dollars to implement. Oops… some estimates have been as high as 70m to implement, all to place us in chains.

I wonder how these dingleberry’s would like it if someone started an Initiative that codified into law that to go to a Marxist church you would have the following requirements: Must have a permit to attend, can only attend once a month, to attend must be placed on a registry, only allowed a Bible with 10 pages, need a background check, can’t worship Alinsky or Stalin. Would they get it then? Probably not, they would probably just light more fires in downtown Portland.

This same group was also pushing IP18 to basically ban most firearms, but the treasonous Demon-rat Party has promised them that they will push it with legislation in the 2023 session, so we have that to look forward to also. It is incumbent on us to check out churches before we attend. There seems to be some churches that lean more toward Satan’s principles than Gods.

If any of you would like to keep up on how this fight goes, I urge you to go to and sign up for our free alerts. If you would like to help fight this insane bill, please go to . Bloomberg will probably be paying for commercials with 4 yr. old’s shooting up kindergarten classes with AR 15s, so we must educate the ignorant voters of Oregon who depend on lying TV ads for their news source.

This isn’t Oregon’s fight; this is Americas fight. Our founders didn’t just come off the range or in from a hunting trip when they wrote the 2nd Amendment, they wrote it to chain the government and ensure Liberty to our posterity after fighting tyranny. The government is already acting like we elect kings, the illegitimate Ex-VP has declared War on us, how will they act if we allow them to take our self-defense tools? We cannot and will not let that happen. Long live the Republic and God Bless true Americans. With Gods help we changed the world in 1776, with his help, we will fulfill our duty to pass that Liberty to our posterity. We are the only hope of the world.

Text of IP17: Measure 114

In Liberty,

Chris Brumbles

Columbia County Coordinator

Oregon Firearms Federation

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