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God Is In Their Way

Christianity is the only religion that cannot be manipulated into the paradigm of the One World Order

God Is In Their Way

God Is In Their Way

by Shari Dovale

Another round of Venom for Christians has reared it’s ugly head from the Democrats in D.C.

Encouraged by the Hatemonger-in-Chief who made it undeniable that he would persecute any Christians that attempted to stop abortion or children’s transgender surgeries, the Godless Socialists have doubled down on anything that might be called “Christian.”

These secular elitists want you to believe that (among other things) celebrating life is wrong, cherishing childhood is bad, and standing up for women is immoral. They have pushed this agenda for generations, yet it is now taken a firm hold and these heathens are willing to fight God and burn in hell for doing so.

Let us not forget our heritage and how this country was formed. The Revolutionary War was fueled by preaching from our pulpits, also referred to as the ‘Black Robe Regiment.’ You can see the Hand of God throughout the founding of this nation.

This is certainly a bone of contention for the evil-loving Satanists that are trying to change the world. They would like nothing more than to change the worldview of religion to have a more collectivist vision, therefore to be controlled by the state.

This is exactly the reason that our Founders wrote the First Amendment. Within the First Amendment, there are two provisions concerning religion: the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise clause. The Establishment clause prohibits the government from “establishing” a state religion. The Free Exercise Clause protects citizens’ right to practice their religion as they choose.

Christianity is the only religion that cannot be manipulated into the paradigm of the One World Order. True Christians do not, and cannot, conform to a collectivist belief in religion. Christianity is not a moral compass. It is the personal relationship between a person and their Savior. This cannot be controlled by any outside force.

Progressive Christians pretend that the Bible can be interpreted in a multitude of ways and it does not really mean what it says. They think they can rewrite God’s word to suit their political agenda.

The Godless, Communist Pope says that anyone can go to Heaven regardless of what they believe, even atheists. John 14:6 tells us the truth:

If you cannot see the War on Christianity, consider how these examples might impact you:

  • The far-left lunatics at the Atlantic are calling the catholic rosary an ‘extremist’ symbol that is worse than firebombings.
  • Prayer is allowed in Congress but not in public schools.
  • Sexual Hedonism as the basis of the far-left extreme ideologies including LGBTQ, normalizing Pedophilia and Trans-identity, which includes gender and species.
  • Closing businesses that practice their faith, such as bakeries and flower shoppes.

Forcing the majority to accept the abnormalities of the few is a tool in the box of those in power and determined to control the world’s population. They use excuses like ‘gay rights’ or ‘climate change’ to defend their positions, but the truth comes down to money and power. They want to control everyone on the Earth, and God is standing in their way.



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4 Comments on God Is In Their Way

  1. “The Godless, Communist Pope.”

    Yes, you are absolutely correct, and he has done everything possible to earn that description. I am a Catholic and wish to remain one, but this Pope is not. He is a Global communist and is one of the worst political figures in the world today. May God replace him soon.

  2. Anyone who believes in god are the crazy ones!! Evidence of that is this sites insurrectionists and their calls for civil war to force Americans to believe as you do!! God doesn’t exist and neither does the amerikkka that you’re advocating for. Your side hasn’t woken up to the new norms that have nothing to do with an imaginary figure!! You all are psycho!!!

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