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From God’s Wisdom To Hell’s Insanity

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From God’s Wisdom To Hell’s Insanity

By Pete Ketcham

From the wisdom of the past, to the insanity of the present, our nation has traveled a path that many could not have imagined 60 or even 30 years ago.

The foundation of our nation is not military, economic, nor technology, it is the moral standard of the people, based on the original principles of Christianity it adopted when it was brought into existence. But now this downward trend (path) from wisdom to insanity is growing prodigiously on a daily basis as illogical outrageous moral, political, and economic rules and laws are enacted by the Democratic party.

Four illogical major Issues such as climate change, LGBT+, open borders, and defund the police are so devoid of logic, that they by themselves are capable of bringing the nation to a point of total chaos. A brief description of them is as follows:

Climate Change

The fraudulent climate change advocates are creating an electric energy crisis that is crippling the nation by black outs, brown outs, lack of heating/cooling homes etc. They are shutting down production of fossil fuel, nuclear energy, coal, and hydro power before there is any viable replacement for these sources of energy. This movement lacks any logic, and these climate morons are ignoring the forthcoming harm they will cause if they continue to pursue their insane agenda.

LGBT+ Agenda

This agenda gets more degenerate and bizarre on a daily basis, and the advocates of this agenda are now attempting to justify Pedophilia by giving it a new name; Minor Attracted Person (MAP) and advocating that these child abusing degenerate pedophiles should be treated kindly, and not be prosecuted for their disgusting criminal actions.

Other aspects of the insane LGBT+ agenda is the belief of multiple genders, changing gender from male to female, female to male, and unrestricted sex in orgies and other encounters. This LGBT+ agenda is evil personified, from start to finish.

Open Borders

What kind of insanity possesses a nation that voluntarily opens it’s borders to the world for illegal immigration, lethal drug importation, and criminal gang invasion. This action by the Democrat party has the possibility to financially collapse many public service agencies, school system, and increase nationwide crime. This overwhelming invasion is spreading throughout the nation, and is changing our culture for the worse.

Defund The Police

The completely illogical movement by various city Democratic mayors and council members to reduce and even eliminate their local police force has brought a tremendous increase in crime to their cities. It is mind boggling to see how stupid the morons running these cities are to not have seen the resulting crime wave because of their illogical actions.


There has always been a political contest between the Republican and Democrat parties, but in the past both sides maintained a basic level of common sense, honesty, and cooperation as they dealt with the nation’s problems, but those days are long gone. Today the Democrat party has departed from all logic, honesty, and concern for the nation, and have embarked on a illogical nation destroying agenda that progressively becomes more destructive regardless who holds the major national political offices.

Although Trump and the Republican party have tried to stop this national plunge into insanity, it is now evident they lack the ability and strategy to stop it.

Before you can “Make American Great Again” you must Make America Good Again.


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2 Comments on From God’s Wisdom To Hell’s Insanity

  1. America is not a christian nation, never has been!! It will be a great day when you psychos are no longer allowed to preach, proselytize, or practice such a hateful religion!! It is christianity which needs to be purged, not Dems!!!

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