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The Changing Basis Of Social Influence

It is discouraging to see how far our nation has moved away from it’s original constitutional values


The Changing Basis Of Social Influence

By Pete Ketcham


There are three major social entities that have determined the course of this nation since the 1940’s and beyond. These entities are not national political parties, national organizations, or government agencies, but are anchored in the social world, which determines the political course of the nation.

These three entities are the mainstream news media, the national education system, and the entertainment industry. Going back to the 1940’s these three entities were an asset to our God-fearing constitutional nation, but began to change with the baby boomer generation’s adamant rejection of christian values and God in the early 60’s. The following is a graphic comparison of “then” and “today”


A :

  1. Then the mainstream news media primarily consisted of newspapers, magazines, and radio. All three delivered factual news, unhindered by political bias. The general public was able to rely on these news sources for the truth.
  2. Today the mainstream news media has become a propaganda agency for the corrupt Democrat party. The “news” they now produce is carefully selected and slanted to enhance the Democrat politician and liberal entities. The “news” that does not meet this enhancement criteria is not reported.



  1. Then the national education system provided a quality education founded on true science, accurate history, and a respect for God, the bible, and the nation. A high school and collage graduate was prepared to become a productive citizen with the potential for unlimited success.
  2. Today the national education system has evolved into a godless indoctrination system that teaches the youth of this nation to hate this nation, promotes racial conflict, and immoral bizarre sexual behavior. High school and collage graduates in many cases are not equipped with any useful skills, and are totally unprepared for the realities of life.


  1. Then the entertainment industry (Hollywood) produced uplifting and inspiring movies, radio shows, and music. During WW2 Hollywood produced patriotic films, attended war bond rallies, produced USO shows encouraging the military personnel, and became a viable asset in winning the war. Although there was spirited “Boogie Woogie” music, there were also many melodious uplifting songs produced.
  2. Today the entertainment industry has degenerated into a crude pornographic industry, with graphic scenes and crude language in their movies and music. The prevailing theme of their movies is anti-American, anti-God, and false history.


It is discouraging to see how far our nation has moved away from it’s original constitutional values, and the protection & guidance of God. There are many scenarios that could be projected concerning the future destruction, or the salvation of this nation, but it is imperative that these three entities of social influence be brought back to their former moral standards if this nation is to survive.

And lastly, regardless of what happens in the future, we have to continue to depend on God to guide us in the struggle to bring this nation back to it’s original values.

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