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The Anti-Trump Agenda

The recent FBI raid at his Mar-A-Lago home is just one more example of this hatred.

agenda President Trump on Antiquities Act Designations

The Anti-Trump Agenda
(A hatred destroying the nation)

By Pete Ketcham

In the last six years it has become clearly evident that one of the prime motivating sources of the Democrat’s agenda is an insane personal hatred of Trump, his policies, and his supporters.

This hatred runs so deep, that the Democrats are determined to destroy any and all policies, laws, and procedures that Trump put into force during his first four year term as president. This hatred supersedes any logical concern for the national welfare of the citizens, and is based on the mantra, if Trump built it , we will destroy it.

Some of the main Trump issues that the Democrats are destroying are as follows:

Border Wall / Illegal Invasion

The Democrats stopped all construction on the border wall and opened up the border (to the world) to unlimited invasion and drug trafficking. Every corner of this nation is now being impacted by this uncontrolled invasion of criminals and drugs. The disastrous results of this policy does not bother the Democrats in the least, as long it destroys all the border security Trump had put In place.

Energy Independence

Trump had the US oil independent, and was even exporting oil, but the Democrats shut down the XL pipeline, stopped offshore oil leases, stopped Anwr oil leases and brought the US back down to dependence on foreign oil. In addition to the destruction of the beneficial energy policies Trump had put in place, the Democrat’s “New Green Deal” is destroying the existing energy base of the nation.

Stable Economy

Even though the economy had been impacted by Covid 19, the measures Biden has taken are the exact apposite of the measures Trump was taking to deal with this issue. Primarily Trump lowed taxes and cut regulations, Biden has done the opposite, raised taxes and passed burdensome regulations, resulting in the continuation of the present national inflation and recession.


This hatred of Trump by the Democrats has not decreased now that he is out of office. The Democrats are now determined to put him in prison using the January 6 commission and the New York AG prosecution of his business transactions. And now, the recent FBI raid at his Mar-A-Lago home is just one more example of this hatred.

Lastly, this insane agenda of Democrat hatred of Trump has the potential to not only destroy Trump, but also to leave the nation in chaos if it is continued.


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