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Mutual Assured Destruction – MAD

The doctrine of MAD has now reached a very weak point, and our nation is in a danger zone.


MAD (Is It Still Effective?)

By Pete Ketcham

Many US citizens know what the term “MAD” stands for, but the following is a good description by Wikipedia:

“Mutual assured destruction (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by an attacker on a nuclear-armed defender with second-strike capabilities would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender”

The MAD doctrine controlling the nuclear nations (primarily the US and Russia) over the past years kept the citizens of the US fairly confident that a nuclear holocaust was not going to happen. But now as we look at the present nuclear nations, there is a growing possibility that the MAD doctrine may not hold, as we see the growing nuclear threats against the US from Russia, China, N Korea, and Iran.

The reason these nations are now a potential nuclear threat against the US is as follows:


Because of our tremendous help to Ukraine supplying them weapons in their fight against Russia, we have placed ourselves in a conventional proxy war with Russia. We have literally partnered with Ukraine to defeat Russia; the Ukrainians do the fighting, and we supply the weapons and ammunition. Thus Putin sees us as a wartime enemy just as he sees Ukraine. As a enemy of Russia Putin feels totally justified using a nuclear weapon against the US, and the only thing presently stopping him is the MAD doctrine. If he ever gets to the point that he believes he can “Nuke” us (with the help of China, and N Korea) and destroy our retaliatory capability at the same time, he will do it with either tactical or strategic nuclear weapons, or both.


The growing threat of China invading Taiwan, and the unknown response of the US has placed the US in a precarious position of potential war with China. China has significant nuclear capabilities, and may have now developed a nuclear capability equal to the US. From the recent provocative military actions around Taiwan by China, it looks like not if, but when China invades Taiwan. If the US intervenes militarily on behalf of Taiwan, it may start as a conventional war, but there is a real possibility it could escalate into a nuclear conflict.

North Korea

North Korea has been testing and improving their nuclear capabilities, and now possesses a significant nuclear threat to the US. Kim Jong Un brags about his nuclear capabilities and directly threatens South Korea and the US with nuclear war. Even though Kim’s threats may sound like bluster, they should not be disregarded, as North Korea most likely possesses the ability to strike the US.


It is reported that Iran is on the cusp of developing a nuclear weapon and apparently has the rocket capability of delivering it to Israel. They have also bragged they could obliterate New York with ballistic missiles. Once again this may all sound like bluster, but as in the case of North Korea, they should not be disregarded in their ability to strike Israel and the US.


Putin has now traveled to China, Iran, and N Korea promoting a coalition of nations that collectively hate the US, and have the nuclear potential to destroy our nation if given the chance. They realize that we currently have weak ineffective leadership, and if they are ever going to make a successful “move”, they may feel it will have to be before our 2024 presidential election.

The doctrine of MAD has now reached a very weak point, and our nation is in a danger zone. We pray that these four nations will not launch a united nuclear attack against the US, but given the belligerent unstable nature of the leaders of these countries, it could very well happen in the near future.


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