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The Joe Manchin Fart Tax

Politicians should be banned before cows!

The Joe Manchin Fart Tax

by Shari Dovale

Everyone agrees that climate change stinks, but the progressive Dems have decided that it stinks of methane gas, more specifically from cows and other farm animals.

New Zealand has been trying to implement a Fart Tax for about 20 years, and has finally got it passed.

Cow Farts and Burps to Be Taxed for Climate Change in Backdoor Meat Tax

Yet the Leftists in NZ are not the only deranged elites pushing the climate-engineering climate change hoax on it’s people.

AOC famously complained about farting cows while it was still being speculated if she had ever set foot on a farm. However, this had to be included in her “Green New Deal.” The GND did not pass at the time, but the Radical Environmentalists in the Progressive-Socialist party have found ways to parcel it out to other bills.

The newest is notably the Inflation Reduction Act, also known as the Manchin-Schumer climate bill which is a tax bill that even the Leftist Wall Street Journal is scoffing at:

Inflation Reduction Act’ Is an Insult to Used-Car Salesmen

Democrats hide a power grab behind a purported solution to a problem they themselves caused.

This monstrosity includes $25 million to combat cow farts! Yes, you heard that correctly. Joe Manchin held out until they promised to deal with Bovine foul-smelling flatulence. Now they have earmarked a huge chunk of money to study how they can plug the poor beasts so the delicate noses of the Democrat gentility won’t be offended.

The Commies that are behind this bill have assured us they are not taxing meat, or trying to force the country into the horrors of vegan-ism. (They are not very convincing.) It sounds like only the commoners, also known as the riff-raff and rabble rousers, will be denied their meat when the elected nobles finally reduce the number of farm animals.

Aside from what it sounds like, just remember that this is all for climate-engineering climate change, and it has nothing at all to do with Bill Gates trying to depopulate the planet.

When you consider that every animal on this planet that has intestines actually passes wind, then we have to consider if politicians should be banned before cows.


The Joe Manchin Fart Tax


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3 Comments on The Joe Manchin Fart Tax

  1. Cancel all Air Travel for po-lie-ticians, that’ll cut Climate Change by 50% so the rest of us can go on with out lives…and keep all the old farts in DC so we don’t have to smell them.

  2. Did anyone else notice how Mayor Pete’s ears perked up at the mention of a “backdoor meat tax”?

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