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Change Of Strategy

A different strategy by the conservatives is necessary if this constitutional nation is to be saved.


Change Of Strategy

By Pete Ketcham

Traditionally when a battle/war is under way, the obvious objective of the opposing military commanders is to win all the battles, and eventually the war. The winning of the war depends on a good strategy, and losing the war is usually the result of a poor strategy, or lack of any strategy at all.

Today the God-Fearing conservatives are engaged in a sixty year losing war for the survival of our constitutional nation. This constitutional nation (and it’s original code of moral conduct based on Christian principles) is being torn apart on a daily basis, and after sixty years of a losing strategy by the Republicans, the nation is in chaos.

As one looks back at those last sixty years, it is evident that regardless who controlled the national positions of power, the social moral level of the nation continued to decline at a accelerating rate. During the same time period, the Democrat party evolved into a corrupt criminal organization that can no longer be dealt with as a legitimate political party.

In light of this deteriorating situation a different strategy by the conservatives is necessary if this constitutional nation is to be saved. Unfortunately at this time, it does not appear that there is any interest by the Republican party to change strategy, and thus they continue to believe that winning the next election will be the successful solution for all national problems.


There are presently hundreds of conservative organizations across the nation that are working hard to save the nation, but they are working as individual entities, and their impact is limited by the lack of national exposure and influence. The options for change are very limited, but a change of strategy (as I have suggested in the past), would be for the total conservative community (this would include fundamental churches) to come together in a nationwide political coalition that could assert massive political influence on all issues. This coalition could be more politically effective than either major political party, and yet could be a cooperative asset for the Republican party.

Even our forefathers realized that it was necessary to form a coalition of the individual colonies if they were ever going to be able to defeat England and create a new nation. Today we are in the same situation they were, and simply must change our strategy if we are going to save the nation they created.

And lastly, regardless of strategy, or who holds political power, if this nation does not return to God’s guidance & protection, it will not survive.

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