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BREAKING: 40 Years of Election Deceit

The ultimate goal of a recall is to remove the bad actors and replace them with honorable people

BREAKING: 40 Years of Election Fraud

BREAKING: 40 Years of Election Deceit

by Shari Dovale

A deep crater of corruption has been slowly trickling out of Boundary County, Idaho over the past few months, and it is only proving to go deeper than most people could imagine.

The story actually begins a while back, when issues began to manifest themselves to employees of the Boundary County Library (BCL). When these employees attempted to report these problems, retaliation ensued, including terminations. This put them into a new category of ‘whistle-blower’.

Most of the residents of the county were not aware of things that were happening within their Library until the local Boundary County Library Board was caught attempting to include SMUT and PORNOGRAPHY in their system. The residents pushed back.

It’s About Protecting Our Children!

This pushback escalated to the level that residents began the process of recalling 4 of the 5 trustees for the Library Board.

Library Board Supposed To Support Majority

Yet this proved to be only the tip of the iceberg.

A TORT Claim was recently shared that shed light on the deeper corruption that has been perpetrated on the residents of this rural county. The TORT is nearly 300 pages and dated May 2022. It alleges misconduct ranging from child abuse to 40 years of election discrepancies, and so much more, specifically through the Library Board.

The tort specifies that “virtually no Trustee of the [Library] District has served lawfully during their tenure, having been installed by manipulation of the process, having applied for sole candidacy in the wrong year, serving from the wrong District, or having never been sworn in as required by law.”

It should be noted here that this document is not claiming privacy, nor has it been redacted. Redoubt News received the entire document through an interested bystander and, after reading it, concluded that it was not classified.

The TORT states, “This document, which will begin to tell that story for the entire community to see and to weigh, is not intended for harm, but for the shining of light in dark places.”

The documents lay out a timeline which begins more than a decade prior. It includes an election calendar that also lays it out very clearly.

Just a few of the additional allegations include:

  • Misclassification of employees to avoid paying taxes and overtime
  • Pattern of intentional falsification of public records
  • Removal of personal property belonging to whistleblowers from the Library premises
  • Concealing from PERSI about an employee that is working in the same position she left on full retirement, and retaining full retirement benefits
  • Removing the mug shot book of child sex offenders used to identify dangers to children at the library
  • Fiscal mismanagement
  • As of 1/30/2011, no elections in 25 years
  • Engagement of intimidation tactics to deter potential candidates from running for office

These are all very serious allegations of which the residents of Boundary County deserve answers.

The First Domino Falls

Kimber Glidden was hired in January 2022 as the Director for the Library. It was reported that she worked with the Library’s previous director to revise contested policies concerning books that local parents are concerned about.

Boundary Library officials have repeatedly said that the library does not contain any of the books people have raised these concerns over, however, if someone wants these books, the library will order the book through the normal interlibrary loan process. If enough people request that book, they will add it to the collection.

So, by saying they do not have a specific book today can be a disingenuous statement, if they know it can be brought in to the premises quickly and quietly.

Glidden seemed to not want to deal with the opposition and has tendered her resignation, effective September 10th. Within her short resignation paragraph, posted on social media, she blames the community for being upset with her policies. The parents and citizens of the county attempted to find information that was not forthcoming from the Director or the Library Board and utilized the legal method of the Freedom of Information Act. Glidden called this action “political atmosphere of extremism, militant Christian fundamentalism, intimidation tactics, and threatening behavior”.

Too Many Bad Things Going On

As the allegations made their way around to those with vested interests, it was revealed that the government insurance “Idaho Counties Risk Management Program” (ICRMP) was made aware of multiple issues involving the Boundary County Library, and the liability that it faced concerning the numerous allegations being made.

They recently notified the Board that their coverage would not be renewed, effective in September 2022.

This has brought another tidal wave of problems for the Library Board, as they will not be able to open their doors on October 1st (beginning of fiscal year) if they do not have insurance coverage.

However, the budgets have already been submitted and set. The taxpayers of the County will continue to pay these taxes even if the doors close.

Thinking about it in the long term, though, it is being speculated that if there is no Library due to no insurance and pending litigation, is there really a need for a Library Board?

The ultimate goal of the recall is to remove the bad actors on the Board and replace them with honorable people. Is it so far-fetched to consider turning the entire Boundary County Library into a 501c3, and have it pay for itself? A pay-to-play system might be a viable alternative to all this contention.

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

It was reported on 9B.News this week that another recall petition has been attempted, this one concerning the Boundary County Clerk Glenda Poston. This relates to the ongoing issues with the Library Board as it is being alleged that she has failed to “properly administer library trustee elections” as well as “allegedly obstructing a recent trustee recall attempt.”

As reported by on Feb 24, 2004, Ms. Poston was first nominated to the position of County Clerk by the Democrat Central Committee. She replaced the previous clerk who moved on to a position with Boundary School District 101. Poston’s new job responsibility also included the title “Chief Elections Officer for Boundary County.” As you can see, Ms. Poston has been in the job for nearly 20 years and should be well aware of all state statutes, regulations and laws pertaining to elections.

However, when the recall petition for her was taken to be submitted to the clerk’s office, the evidence seem to show that her clerks refused to accept it.

It is our understanding that the Idaho Attorney General’s (AG) office has been informed of the serious allegations surrounding this petition. Will Lawrence Wasden step in and run the recall election for the Boundary County Clerk? It certainly would be the right thing to do.

And looking at it from the other direction brings the question to mind, “How is it the Glenda Poston has not recused herself from running her own recall election?”

So far, it appears that the AG’s office will allow Clerk Poston to run her own recall election. The country can watch this ongoing fiasco, as they are becoming all-too familiar with shenanigans associated with elections.

It is possible that it might end up waiting until Raul Labrador takes office as the expected new Attorney General in January 2023, and allow him to show why he was the best choice for the job.




This is an ongoing story. Stay tuned for more from Redoubt News.

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  1. Push this article as far as humanly possible. This is the most powerful news that this country needs above everything else.

    Up until recently I have never voted because In the early 1970’s I was shown beyond any and all doubt that EVERY single election process in the US including school boards, has been compromised (EVERY single one).

    Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy was the canary in the mine. He knew as far back as 1950 just how badly infested America had became with Communism, but it was too early for the public grasp and so he was eventually overwhelmed and then killed. Only to be mentioned in the ‘news’ to this day, as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

    Does common sense even dare call this a one off, I think not! Higher education is filled with simpletons who have zero wisdom or ability to think for themselves and are so easily brainwashed and willing to follow unquestioningly what, equally as low in mental acuity, authorities tell them.

    People in every nook and cranny of this country need to see this article., and yes there are a lot of other important issues calling for public attention but this is foundational and without a true understanding of the immensity of the problem the road to healing will be long and hard.

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