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It’s About Protecting Our Children!

The library board voted on the policy without allowing public comment

Protecting Our Children

What Can Be More Important Than Protecting Our Children? Nothing!!

By Donna Capurso, Patriot Journalist

On June 16th, 2022 the Boundary County Library Trustees and the library’s director, Kimber Glidden (also known by her email signature: “she, her, hers”) held a special meeting at the Sheriff’s Department Annex building on Hwy 95 in Bonners Ferry. Approximately 130 people squeezed into the room with an overflow in the foyer outside the room and the rest outside the entrance door.

I had heard that this board was planning on voting on adding inappropriate sex oriented and deviant behavior books which they planned on ordering which are recommended by the ALA (American Library Assn.) and our library is now part of this association.  We were told by the board that there would be NO prohibitions to children of any age no matter what the content was. 

4 out of 5 of the library board trustees voted in favor for a materials selection and collection development policy that is liberal in their selection process, in turn further adopting potentially sexualized, pornographic, pervasive and deviant material into our library.  This does not protect the children of Boundary County. 

Furthermore, the library board voted on said policy on June 16th, 2022 without allowing public comment.  The library board meeting had standing room only with people up against the walls, in the foyer trying to listen to the meeting, and others outside the building waiting for a decision. 

Everyone in attendance was respectful but there are those who were not even there that are demonizing mothers, fathers, grandparents and even great grandparents for being concerned for their young family members. It is absolutely amazing to watch these people pull lies and innuendo right out of the air, and not think twice about doing so.

It has taken no time at all for our community to get involved in an effort to keep our children safe from those that are pushing this agenda. A recall has been started to remove the 4 out of 5 library board trustees who voted for these books to go onto our library shelves.

If enough signatures are obtained for each of the 4 out of 5 zones to have a recall election are collected, then it will be UP TO THE VOTERS in Boundary County whether or not they agree with Zone 1 Trustee Ken Blockhan Jr, Zone 2 Trustee Wendy McClintock, Zone 4 Trustee Robert “Bob” Blanford and Zone 5 Trustee Lee Colson for their plan to introduce such inappropriate books available to our community’s children.

Zone 3 Trustee Aaron Bohachek voted “no” and is not being recalled.

In order to be able to get these people on a recall ballot, 20% of the electorate for each zone will need to sign a petition for the zone in which they are registered voters.

Once the petitions are verified and approved by the county clerk’s department with enough voters, then that trustee would be put on a ballot for the public to decide in an election, if they do not take the opportunity to resign before then.

More to come as we move forward in this important endeavor. We refuse to let the liberals and those who think this action is alright to expose our children to thwart our mission. And NO, there is nothing more important than protecting our children.

You can access the Library Recall information at: or Facebook at: and you can find out where we will be gathering the much needed signatures.

We need to avert this travesty being promulgated by the far left, not just here, but all over our nation.


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2 Comments on It’s About Protecting Our Children!

  1. Wow, the fact this is being attempted…and the fact people are actually discussing this as if it were an option.

    Whew, if this were not enough to call quits…what would be???

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