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Democrats Plans Are Opposed To Common Sense

Democrats Plans Are Opposed To Common Sense

On November 8 there will be an election that will determine who controls Congress for the next two years. Democrats are continuing to do things that are just about guaranteed that they cannot win the next election. Their plans are just completely opposed to common sense.

They do not really seem to care. It is almost as though they believe they will win the coming election by one way or another.

Contrary to the common narrative, which insisted that the 2020 election was the most secure, there is considerable evidence that the past national election was stolen by the Democrats.

We certainly do want a secure election. Democrats are working hard to insure it is not secure by insisting on total mail-in ballots and other measures that make it easier to cheat.

Thus, it behooves those working on Election Day to be absolutely certain they see and monitor what is happening with the vote so we can be sure this never happens again. This is a very serious matter and each state needs to be sure our next election is secure.

Jim Hollingsworth

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1 Comment on Democrats Plans Are Opposed To Common Sense

  1. Hi Jim, can you provide any evidence of your claim of the stolen election. Solid proof that would be possible to introduce to a court?

    “While the Trump campaign has frequently alleged voter fraud outside of court, with the exception of the Nevada lawsuit, the campaign has largely backed away from arguing voter fraud in court, with attorney Rudy Giuliani even telling a judge in a Pennsylvania hearing, “This is not a fraud case.”

    Happy Independence Day!!

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