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Defying Reality And Common Sense

When the wisdom of God is totally rejected by individuals, their reasoning comes right out of the depths of hell.


Defying Reality And Common Sense

By Pete Ketcham

It doesn’t matter how skillfully or passionately a concept is defined and promoted, if it defies reality, it will fail.

There are many many illogical issues and ideas being promoted by the Democrat party that defy reality, and it would take a very thick book to define them all. The following describes just one of them

One that is blatantly illogical, and impacts every person in the US is “Climate Change”, or “The New Green Deal”. This illogical concept is presently being implemented with tremendous financial support and enthusiasm, but is already in the beginning stages of failure.

The Issue

It all begins with an unfounded mythical belief (fraud) that pollution is going to cause the end of the world in 10 to 15 years if the United States continues to use “fossil fuels” for it’s energy and transportation needs. Thus the Democrats are promoting the use of “green” energy in the form of intermittent (no wind, no sun, no power) power producing solar panels and wind mills. Simultaneously, the Democrats are promoting the shutdown and destruction of existing coal & gas fired power plants, nuclear power plants, and hydro power dams. Not only are they destroying the electric power grid, they are also promoting the termination of the fossil fuel industry’s production of gas, diesel, and natural gas. They are literally attempting to destroy the entire existing energy producing capabilities of the nation before there is any possibility of a sufficient replacement.

California and other states are now beginning to experience the consequences of this insane policy In the form of blackouts and brownouts. See Lengthy Fox News Article- Green Energy = Summer Blackouts


One wonders what is motivating the Democrats to ignore the obvious reality that it is impossible to provide reliable power to the nation at the same time that power source is being destroyed without a replacement.

Do they actually think that they will continue to be supported by the majority population when their policies are creating hyper inflation, record high gas & diesel prices, a recession, and last but not least a nationwide electrical power crises.

I can only conclude, that when the wisdom of God is totally rejected by individuals, their reasoning comes right out of the depths of hell, and lacks any common sense or reality.

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