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Control, Corrupt, Destroy

Reality indicates that there is no prospect of the Democrats ever becoming ethical and honest


Control, Corrupt, Destroy

By Pete Ketcham

What they control they corrupt, what they don’t control they destroy. This is the method of operation (MO) by the people who have taken control of the Democrat party. This has been vividly illustrated in the last six years by the Democrat leadership and supporters.

They could not control Donald Trump as he started his campaign for president, so Hillary (in cooperation with the federal agencies Obama had corrupted, FBI, CIA, DOJ) attempted to destroy Trump’s campaign with manufactured false information.

Once Trump became president, the campaign of destruction did not stop, as the Democrats ( who controlled congress) using false information, managed to impeach him twice. Their campaign of Trump destruction is still ongoing as they continue their fraudulent January 6 committee “investigation”.

Another entity the Democrats are unable to presently control is the US Supreme Court, (SCOTUS) and so they are attempting to destroy it by any and all means available. Prominent Democrat politicians are protesting in public, allowing rude and noisy protests in front of the homes of conservative judges, calling for investigations and impeachment of the conservative judges, packing the court with liberals, and doing all they can to intimidate and destroy the judicial branch of this constitutional nation. In this process they have adopted the tactics of protests, riots, intimidation, and property destruction.

The Democrats are now bankrupt of any honesty and character they may have possessed in the past, and are dedicated to corrupting and controlling all the entities of government they can get their hands on, and destroying those they are unable to control. They also have resorted to corrupt voting procedures, resulting in elections being stolen.


If anyone believes taking control of the House and Senate leadership will stop the Democrat’s war of destruction and corruption, that person is not seeing reality. The Democrats have already proven by the persecution of Trump and his associates, that they can (with their resources) make life a living hell for their opposition regardless of what political positions they all hold.

And lastly, reality indicates that there is no prospect of the Democrats ever becoming ethical and honest, nor abiding by constitutional election law. They have become completely corrupt, and must be taken out of power by any means available, if this constitutional nation is to survive.



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