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Climate Change, A Worldwide Fraud

The earth is going to be destroyed in 10 to 15 years if fossil fuels continue to be used.


Climate Change, A Worldwide Fraud

By Pete Ketcham

Throughout history various nations have adopted mythical unfounded beliefs on which to base their economic and political policies. The bible records the belief in “gods” made of bronze, gold, wood, stone, etc. that ancient nations completely believed in and worshiped.

More recent and brutal national beliefs is Nazi Germany’s belief that Jews were unworthy of life, and Pol Pot’s Cambodian Khmer Rouge who believed that all educated intellectuals should be killed. There are other fraudulent unfounded national beliefs that could be cited, but for the most part they were restricted to just one nation.

Although the present climate change fraud began in the US, it has now spread to various nations throughout the world. It has grown to worldwide prominence because of the tremendous amount of money and political support it has garnered, both in the US and worldwide.

It is somewhat astounding that supposedly intelligent people around the world are so committed to the fraudulent “Green Energy” concept, that they are willing to destroy their existing source of energy before there is any replacement for that source. For some reason they ignore the basic fundamentals of food production, manufacturing of goods, lighting, heating, cooling of homes, construction of roads, bridges, buildings, and many other issues that depend on the existing power/energy source the “greenies” are destroying.

The obvious question then arises: What is the force that is pushing this illogical fraudulent green energy concept? A concept which is causing nations to literally destroy themselves by adopting an intermittent power source that cannot begin to replace the one their nation’s current existence depends on. There are numerous forces that are impacting this issue, but there are three major forces that are having the greatest impact on this issue, they are listed as follows;

  1. One is the manufacturing & installation industry of wind mills and solar panels, the largest and most influential being China. As China builds multiple coal fired power plants, it is using it’s effective propaganda program in the US to promote the fraudulent green energy concept of shutting down US power plants, and buying solar panels and windmills from China.
  2. Another, and perhaps the greatest influence is the false belief by the general public that the earth is going to be destroyed in 10 to 15 years if fossil fuels continue to be used. This belief is so strong, that it has superseded all logic, and has moved into the ancient realm of mystical belief in wood and stone gods. It has literally become a religious belief.
  3. Last but not least is the absolute fraudulent information produced by a sector of the “scientific community” who are dependent on government grant money and political pressure for their income, and thus they produce the “scientific evidence” for climate change that keeps the money flowing into their “coffers”. There is a multitude of qualified climate scientists that refute the fraud of “climate change”, but they have been ignored by the press and the world governments.

The following is a link to a group of 500 prominent scientists and professionals who have stated their opinion to the United Nations concerning the climate change fraud.

There Is No Climate Emergency, Say 500 Experts in Letter to the United Nations


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5 Comments on Climate Change, A Worldwide Fraud

  1. There is a higher level mystery…pollution and trash are very real problems.

    Pittsburgh around 1900 was a black black place due to soot. Yet, that process was cleaned up. London, likewise, was a black black place in the late 1800’s…and that was cleaned up.

    So, these Climate Changers, use so much time and energy on a topic about the environment that is most likely not Human induced…when there are real issues that could be better addressed.

  2. I have always said that their is no climate change. Earth goes thru cycles all the time. some good , some bad. All the people who believe in Climate change according to what the governments say are just plain buffoons.

  3. The Climate Change and Covid-19 are the two biggest criminal frauds committed in modern world history. The utter stupidity and ignorance of those that believe it, combined with the greed and malice of those that are perpetrating it are destroying civilization. Hopefully this era will be rectified soon or we will all suffer.

  4. NO. 1 on your list should be Satan.
    NO. 2, it IS a religion now. It takes more faith to believe in manmade global warming that it does to believe in God.

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