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America Was Not ‘Designed’ To Cope With Present Chaos


America Was Not ‘Designed’ To Cope With Present Chaos

By Pete Ketcham


We are all aware of the riots, mass shootings, church burnings, life center burnings, intimidation of supreme court justices, smash & grab robberies, defund police, business windows smashed, statues pulled down, traffic blocked, trains robbed, cars hijacked, illegal southern border invasion, random unprovoked assault, rape, sex trafficking, legalized drugs, LGBT sex perversion agenda , mass public pornography, illogical CRT agenda, Climate Change Fraud, and last but not least, the nightly “killing fields” of Chicago and New York. In light of all the above, many now realize this is no longer the “America The Beautiful” they knew in the past.

The Past

All the above issues did not exist, or were very rare in the nation for the first 180 years, but in the early 1960’s the journey to the present national chaos began, and each seceding generation amplified it and carried it forward to the present day turmoil.

Thus, John Adams’s 1798 statement, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” has been proven completely true. Our constitution and christian moral base is being torn apart at a rate that was never contemplated in the past. We wonder why things continue to get worse, but as per John Adams, our constitutional form of government was just not “designed” to govern a godless out of control people, who have completely abandoned the founding christian moral base.


If this was a communist/dictator type of nation, the government would stop this chaos through the use of deadly force, smash & grab looters would be shot on the spot etc. But we are not that type of country, and so the crime and chaos will continue on and grow worse due to the inherit lack of ability of a constitutional government to deal with it.


Many conservatives are anxiously anticipating the coming 2022 and 2024 elections as the cure for many of our current problems, but do to the fact that our politics follow the moral level of the nation, some economic problems may be solved, but all the negative chaotic issues listed in the introduction will still be with us and growing

Lastly, This nation is now under the control of the most corrupt, incompetent, and illegal group of politicians in it’s history. They fraudulently ascended to power through a corrupt rigged election, and got away with it.

If this nation is going to continue as a constitutional nation, this fraudulent election must be rectified and corrected.

At this time it does not seem likely that the Biden crime family will suffer any consequences for their illegal actions. Obama, Hillary, and the Democrat party will continue their corruption of the constitution until there is a total national breakdown. We can only hope and pray that God has a different plan for this nation.

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4 Comments on America Was Not ‘Designed’ To Cope With Present Chaos

  1. Oh for Pete’s sake, literally. Are we supposed to buy the lollipop version of the first 180 years of the USA? The Revolutionary War Vet Henry “Lighthorse” Lee, the father of Robert E. Lee, was almost beaten to death by a mob who attacked and trashed a “free press” newspaper who expressed Pro-British sentiments during the War of 1812, I suppose the little ole War Between the States fits in that 180 years, Aaron Burr’s attempted at Sedition, the Hartford Convention that officially proposed SECCESSION of the Northern States during the War of 1812, the riots between the Immigrants and First-Immigrants, Protestants vs. Catholics, Communist bombings, Anarchist assassinations of sitting Presidents.

    Lollipops have their place…and that is not to sweeten political reality.

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