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With A Coalition You Can Win

Two coalitions are BLM, and LGBT+ These two are very bold, and project their agenda throughout the nation


With A Coalition You Can Win

(Without it you lose)

By Pete Ketcham


There are thousands of conservative christian organizations and websites promoting their cause on facebook, twitter, talk shows, TV, demonstrations, meetings etc. All these efforts are commendable and do have an impact for the conservative christian cause, but they are not winning the desired victories necessary to bring our nation back under the protection and guidance of God.

Coalition Definition

The general definition of a coalition is: “a group formed when two or more people, factions, states, political parties, militaries, or other parties agree to work together, often temporarily, in a partnership to achieve a common goal. The word coalition connotes a coming together to achieve a goal.”

Present Day

There are general coalitions in our nation today dealing with significant moral issues, such as “Pro-choice” / Pro-life”, but there are two recent ones that wield far more national influence than any national conservative christian effort. These two are “Black Lives Matter” (BLM), and LGBT+.

These two coalitions/organizations are very bold, and unabashedly project their agenda throughout the nation by numerous mediums and organizations, including the national education system. They have become so strong that major corporations, politicians, government agencies, mainstream news media, entertainment world, and other entities adhere to and promote their depraved agendas. Each day they grow stronger in the public arena, while the message of Christ grows weaker.

The very foundation of this nation was based on a coalition of colonies that formed the “Continental Army”, which won our freedom from England, but today the conservative christian community has failed to see the wisdom of the founding fathers. They have all remained separate independent organizations, believing that they will win the battle for the heart and soul of this nation without joining together.


It would seem that there is simply no other effective course of action left at this time except to form a powerful national coalition promoting the christian moral concepts, just as the BLM and LGBT+ have successfully promoted their nationwide depraved agendas.

Lastly, if one believes that there will be some kind of spiritual revival through the existing evangelistic churches, they are engaging in a false hope. These churches have (for quite some time) been silenced by secular social pressure, and have allowed God to be removed from the schools, public forums, and the overall national culture.

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